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January 24, 2006


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Thanks for the podcast. I just finished to listen to it and I found it great.

I have one question: within the companies you have studied - and which have used blogs for internal communication - how the blogs were maintain alive (ie with sufficient fruitful content)?

I ask you this question because one key success factor for corporate blogging is, I think, to find a "champion", ie somebody who is willing to take time to put posts...and a lot of workers have no time to do so...

Bill Ives

Alex. You are certainly right on the leadership issue. The answer to getting people to particpate in blogs and wikis is no different than the challenges faced by knowledge management systems. The effort needs to be aligned with work processes and provide a positive work benefit to the employee. Actually, with blogs this is potentially easier since there is greater participation and ability to fit individual needs than with traditional enterprise KM. In some uses cases, such as project management, the transparency provided by blogs makes internal communication easier and less time consuming that email and applications on individual hard drives. In these cases the reduced work load that blogs provide should provide sufficient motivation. Here, also you get a archived and searchable record of the work process that can be added to a KM system with no extra work on the part of the employee.

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