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December 22, 2005


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ROBERT POOL will be in a few months the main seacrh engine believe it or not, what do you guys think?

Easton Ellsworth

The CNN article on the "rise and rise" of business blogs raises a good question: How will companies make their blogs stand out in contrast to the ever-increasing number of other corporate blogs available? I particularly liked this part: "The key ... for an employee blog to be credible is that it must include positive and negative comments about the company and not appear to be merely a PR exercise." The other day I said essentially the same thing at Business Blog Wire in a post about why Honda should have an ASIMO blog. If you're willing to talk about the failures as well as the successes in your company, you're more likely to build friendships with people who use your products and/or services.

Bill Ives

Thanks Easton, a little humility goes a long way, especially if it is coming from inside the company as the Intelliseek study suggested. There has been a long time finding that it costs five (or much more) times as much to get a new customer than to keep an existing customer. Exisiting cusotmers are actually more likely to read your companies blogs and be affected by them.

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