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November 17, 2005


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Tomoaki Sawada

Bill, relative to UAM, IBM posted demo video of Activity Explorer, that is part of UAM based poroduct, they call activity-centric computing and activity based computing in broader meaning.

Activity-centric computing

Demo is at

Esther Dyson of release 1.0 coomented on it in Video too

Tomoaki Sawada

Bill, you maby be already aware that latest Systems Journal from IBM covers “business collaboration” with repect to “Activity centered collaboration”
Especially You man find “Activity Explorer”interesting.

Other topics you would be intrigued are

1.Beyond predictable workflows: Enhancing productivity in artful business processes
2.Business activity patterns: A new model for collaborative business applications
3.Activity management as a Web service
4.Activity Explorer: Activity-centric collaboration from research to product
5.Uncovering the to-dos hidden in your in-box
6.Ethnographic study of collaborative knowledge work
7.Machines in the conversation: Detecting themes and trends in informal communication streams


Excuse me if this is duplicate comment


This is really great post which did helped me to clear some doubts

michael jones

Software is something very complicated. And the people involved in this business are always trying to innovate it. A nice post

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