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April 05, 2005


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Jozef Imrich

Hi Bill

Jay Rosen has just placed a new link on blogging - to me the post is like the swiss knife. It seems to open door to every can of virtual worms ...

Lesser know Red Monk has also spent a bit of time on explaining - So Why Read Blogs?
You get a direct line into the thinking of important people in the field, think Jonathan Schwartz or Tim Bray (Sun), Miguel de Icaza or Nat Friedman (Novell), Bob Sutor or Alan Brown (IBM), Don Box or Robert Scoble (Microsoft), Adam Bosworth (Google), Dan Gillmor (San Jose Mercury News), Jon Udell (Infoworld), Steve Gillmor, Dave Winer, Doc Searls, and many others. It's unfiltered and in their own words. This means a lot of typos and misspellings (my blog being exhibit A of that), but also an up to the minute take, in their own words. How to dip a toe in the blogging waters

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