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March 22, 2005


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John T. Maloney

Hi -

In addition to the same ol' everyday KM blog, here are some great channel feeds for your RSS reader. It has uncovered some pearls that heretofore would have never made it through. Even includes other blogs, thus making it more efficient.

Introducing Colabria Briefings: Daily Briefing Service for Business Professionals

Colabria Briefings are collections of KM channels and feeds. Each is
focused on a specific domain. It is updated on a daily basis. The
link is at the top of the page in the right margin. It is called
Colabria Briefings.

Each fully automated feed contains links to articles, news stories,
blogs and valuable resources.

Each channel also provides its own RSS feed. Subscribe to one or
more feeds in your RSS newsreader and receive daily briefings in
your favorite RSS reader. Just click the button below with your
reader open.

Popular RSS readers are Pluck and Newsgator.

If your newsreader supports OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language)
feeds, use the OPML feed below to subscribe to subscribe to all
channels in a single step.

Some Colabria Briefings:

Communities of Practice
Leading with Open, Emergent Systems

Communities of Practice are generative social experiences
contributing to knowledge, learning, productivity and innovation.
Communities, CoPs or CPs are open, emergent systems. They are among
the most useful of knowledge management techniques for leading
knowledge-based organizations.

Organizational Learning
Mastery of the Emerging Future

Organizational learning is a knowledge leadership approach. Its core
is systems thinking, shared vision, mental models, personal mastery
and team learning. It also includes Presencing -- a method of learning
from the emerging future through authentic conversation.

Social Networks
Understanding Relationships, Improving Knowledge Pathways using
Network Theory

Social Networks are used to effectively map and measure networks,
knowledge flows and relationships in organizations, communities and
other complex human systems. These practical methods are highly
instrumental in building and optimizing the dynamic knowledge
ecosystems essential to productivity, innovation and the future of
all knowledge-based organizations.



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