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December 04, 2004


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John T. Maloney

Hi --

This list is contrived and imperfect. It may be interesting, but it is badly flawed.

Does it concern anyone that the first song, and the second song, both carry the name of the publication?

Or that the artist that coined the term is relegated to position 459? (Muddy Waters).

Or how about putting,

“347 Candle in the Wind -- Elton John 1973”

almost a hundred points ahead of,

“443 I Shot the Sheriff -- Bob Marley 1973.”

Sheesh. Gimmee a break.

The ultimate, most vulgar insult was the glaring absence of the song that started rock 'n' roll --Rocket 88, by Ike Turner, recorded in 1951.

"In 1991, (finally!) the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recognized Rocket 88 as the first Rock and Roll song ever recorded."

Rolling Stone should stick to what they do best -- selling pimple creme.



P.S. Any list with --

"171 Dancing Queen - Abba 1976"

-- and NO mention of Robert Johnson, the "father of modern rock and roll" must be summarily rejected.

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