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August 21, 2004


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Vince Outlaw

Hi Bill. I wanted to subscribe to your feed, but when clicking the Subscribe link in the right navigation (using Mac Safari), the Feedburner URL pops into the address box but I somehow get re-directed back to this page. A litttle confusing. Looks like you've got some great blog posts here...I'm in Corporate IT, currently working to start an Enterprise Architecture program, and have been blogging's KM potential since I started a blog in 1999 (just haven't had / made much opportunity to pursue it in the Corporate setting...yet!).


Duh. I found the 'syndicate this site (xml)' link to the RSS at the bottom of your nav and it plugged in to Radio Userland's aggregator just fine! It does bring up an interesting point about the difference between subscription and syndication. Aren't we syndicating our site when we produce RSS / Atom feeds and those that use those feeds subscribing to them?

Thanks for the inspiration on the subjects you bring up on your site! VO

Bill Ives


Thanks for your comments. The difference between subscribe - that is the feed that goes through Feedburner and syndicate - that is the standard Typepad RSS feed. I went to you site and it looks great.I subscribed to it and look forward to more. Thanks for you suggestions on other great jazz ballads. I will be ordering them soon.

Bill Ives

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