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July 06, 2016


David Ivces

Many thanks, Bill, for maintaining an excellent and very informative resource for the descendants of William Ives. Both your efforts and the information you share are greatly appreciated.

Bill Ives

David - Thanks for your kind words and contribution.

Chris St. Ives

Hi Bill,
My name is Chris St. Ives from Massachusetts and after several years of researching, I've finally discovered that my last name was originally Ives until it was changed by my great great grandfather Herbert Ives. From the limited information that I have it looks like he changed the name to St. Ives for a better acting stage name. I imagine that he must have researched the name Ives and made the connection to St. Ives England. Since this discovery, I have been linked to members this Ives family through DNA and look forward to finding out as much information as possible. Thank you for starting this blog it has been a tremendous help and has opened up new avenues for me to discover. I will continue to follow the blog and am anxious to make new discoveries.


Bill Ives

Chris - Thanks for your kind words. I am glad it is helpful. It has been a lot of fun an di have learned many things from contributors like yourself.


Impressive. This is called dedication for a subject. It was a pleasure to read all about the Ives family. Thank you for putting the time and research in this subject.

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