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June 17, 2012


Haz Meldrum

Are you quite sure he was dis inherited some times a son had already received his portion to set up a business etc or debts had already paid for him.Is their any evidence of money or land gifts to William Ives of Rutland prior to his fathers death.

Rod Lucas

I think that it's just so great what these family name histories centers can do for people. It makes family history super easy.

Joseph Maloney

Dear Bill, you may have come across this information already, but reviewing the 17th Century Wills of Langham document provided by the Langham Village Historical Group website (see:, to me, suggests indeed that there were indeed two William Ives living in Langham between 1607 and 1635. The William that died in 1639 in Langham, in my estimation, must have been much older than our William, due to the fact that the former was listed as a witness for the Oct. 1607 will of Omphrey Seagrave of Langham (more clearly, surely a child less than 1 year in age could not have been a defensible witness to a Last Will and Testament). This would seem consistent with your later post, with further information from Richard, that more confidently posits William Ives of Langham (son of Thomas) is the same William Ives of New Haven.

Also, interestingly, either two separate men named "Thomas Ives" declared two separate wills (the first in 1589, the second in 1628), or the same man declared his will twice. Both list sons named William, however, the first references a wife name Jone, the second a wife named Susan). As we know there was a William Ives born to a Thomas Ives in Langham in 1607, this seems not only to suggest that there were two Williams, but indeed that there were two different men named Thomas.

FYI, despite the fact that the document covers wills through the remainder of the 17th century, the name "William Ives" does not occur after 1632.

Joseph Maloney

Regarding my last post above, I now see that this information has been documented separately here, by David (source:

Bill Ives

Joseph Thanks so much for sharing this information. It is very helpful and most appreciated.

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