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October 17, 2010


Dan Ives,

My grandparents were EBEN IVES and CAROLINE ARNOLD. My dad's sister was Katie Darling IVES Ward born in 1865 in Oregon.Grandpa was a fortunate 49er.I would like to get in contact with Joanne Finn but don't know her email. I am [email protected] My address is;3799 HWY 235 S, ST JOE, AR 72675 I have compiled a lot of our family history but very little on Aunt KATE.

mary becker

i am a descendant of William Ives...JOHN-JOHN-DANIEL-JOHN-IRA-JOHN-LEWIS-WILLARD-ELEANOR-MARYALEZE (me) I have a few pics and barrels that were made by Lewis and willard also have a book writen by Arthur Coon mother(Eleanor)is still alive at 90, her house is still in Volney ny. If i can be of any help please let me know.


bill  Ives


If you want to contact see link in the post. If you want to share any information on this blog please free to do this through a comment field. Also if you want to post any pictures, just send them to me with their story and I will put them up as posts. Also feel free to link to any place that you might have them posted. Thanks. Bill

Delia Pacheco

Maybe I'm connected to William Ives through my paternal grandmother Georgianna Ives(von Meyer) from the Connecticut clockmaker family...I believe this line goes back to William Ives...I'll send this to Richard and see.
* Thrall
* Bissell
* Upson
* Grannis
* Thorp
* Shailer
* Fitch
* Welch
* Whitmore
* Roberts
* Captain J. Cone (Cane?)
* Loomis
* William Ives (line from England)

I have done some webpages on family members, one of those pages is about my grandmother:

Roger White

What an exciting project!

Looking only for descendants on the male line sounds like it might be hard. Do you have any plans or tricks up your sleeves to help you in your search?

I ask because I am interested in tracing some of my own family.

bill  Ives


Thanks. I also did the same research on my mother's side. I have just put it on line yet. It just takes persistance and not believing anything on the Web that is not documented. You can use this information as clues but I try for some type of primary documentation. Look at the resources listed on my blog. Good luck.

Roger White

Thanks very much! I appreciate the help, and the wishes of good luck -- I'm very new to this, and quite clueless.

Mary Scott

I tried to respond, but the email address has "permanent fatal errors" Guess the research must be done

bill  Ives

Mary - try this one - Christina Lindstrom Bill

bill  Ives

Mary - It did not come through right it is [email protected]

Solomon Ives

I would like to say thank you to Bill Ives and Richard Ives for the wonderful resources you two have collected regarding the family line of William Ives. I am a direct male descendant of William Ives. Recently I have been on a journey of discovering who I am, and the research and articles that I have read about my ancestry have sited your names as valued contributors. Thank you for collecting information that has helped me to embrace my identity more fully.
The email address for Richard Ives does not seem to be operational. But best wishes on the book, Richard.
Solomon Ives
Bakersfield, CA

Bill Ives

Solomon - Thanks for your interest. I do not have another email for Richard. Perhaps he will see this note.


I am a direct descendant of William Ives. My Genealogy looks like this :

William and Hannah Ives
John and Hannah Ives
John and Mary Ives
Lazarus and Isabel Ives
Lazarus and Lydia Ives
Christopher and Mary Ives
John and Mercy Ives
Mercy and Philander Geer
Ella and Albert Lampe
Emma and Leonard Baker
Helen and Nickolai Almen
Wanda and James Yngsdal
Tammy Yngsdal

The person on the left always being the son or daughter of the couple listed above them.

Bill Ives

Tammy Thanks. I am a direct descendent of John's north Joseph so our lines diverge very early. I appreciate your contribution. Please feel fee to add anything further.

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