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October 15, 2010


Julie Schauer

Bill, I came across this website a few days ago. In some area, you mentioned my great-grandmother, Helen Ives Webb. At home I have a paint painted by her in the Hudson River style. My mother has an even bigger and better painting by her. You can see a picture of the plate done in 1889 on my Art Blog, listed below. We also have a few other artifacts from the family. I'm not sure how closely or distantly you and I are related. But given your interest in art, we'd probably have many common interests.

bill  Ives

Julie. Thanks for your comment. I like your art blog. If you would like send me links and context for any of Helen's paintings that are online and I will write a post for this blog, my art blog, and my main blog where i cover art and travel on the weekends. Here is a post that shows my Ives's line so you can see how closely we are related.

Julie Schauer

I don't have access to any of the other paintings right now, but when I do several months from now, will send you them. Julie

bill  Ives


I look forward to seeing the images. Thanks. Bill

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