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January 05, 2009


Next generation star trek

This article was written was the wand of a lot of my help. Thank you very much, I'll study a lot.

Ken Ives

These 6 women were probably daughters of Stephen Ives (b. 11/20/1766) and his brother, Amasa (b. 11/10/1747). Copied below are some of my genealogical notes concerning Stephen, which explain my reasoning. No brilliant flashes of insight here, but...for whatever it might be worth:

ACI (p. 186) lists only two children (of Stephen) but states there were "probably other children." This is supported by census information. The census of 1790 shows Stephen as a head of household in Berkshire County, MA. Living with him were 2 white males under 16 and 5 females. The census of 1800 shows him still in Berkshire County, with one male and one female age 10-16, one female 16-26, one male one male 26-45, plus one male and one female over 45 (presumably himself and his wife).

North Adams town records record the following marriages:

Sarah Ives m. George Hodge 7/1/1790
Esther Ives m. Abraham Cook 7/25/1792
Lydia Ives m. Joshua Knapp 5/9/1793
Rene Ives m. Nehemia Hodge 12/25/1797
Lomira Ives m. John Chamberlain 1/26/1806
Matilda Ives m. Ruluff Butler 4/7/1805

These 6 women were presumably daughters of Stephen Ives, and his brother, Amasa, but it is impossible to determine which daughters go with which father. If the census data are correct, the two men likely had between them at least 10 daughters b. before 1790, and Amasa had 2 more b. 1790-1800. In fact, of the females shown in the 1790 census, 2 are "missing" from each family in 1800. Thus, of the four women above who were married before 1800, 2 were probably Stephen's daughters and 2 were probably Amasa's.

One of the previously-unidentified daughters of Stephen has recently been idenfied. The 1853 death notice of Sibyl Ives, wife of Epaphras Bull, indicates that she was a daughter of Stephen.

An unidentified woman named Zena Ives signed as a witness when Stephen and Amasa deeded a piece of property in Adams, MA, on 3/24/1793. It seems likely that Zena was another of their daughters.

bill  Ives


Thanks so much for your detailed comment. Ironically I am going to be in North Adams tomorrow at MASS Moca the art museum. Do you know where they lived? Bill

Martin Patrick Starr

Ruluff Butler is my 5x great-grandfather. He was born c. 1778 in Massachusetts to Thomas Butler (1745-5 Aug 1815)

and Jane White (27 Aug 1752-4 Mar 1834). Ruluff (sometimes styled Ruloff or Rulif) Butler married Matilda Ives, whose parentage I have also been unable to determine, on 7 Apr 1805 at Adams/Berkshire/MA. Matilida died 9 Jan 1837 at Bellevue/Eaton/MI and is buried with her husband and other family at the Spaulding Cemetery near Bellevue/Eaton/MI. Ruluff Butler died at Bellevue/Eaton/MI on 1 Jul 1858.

Bill Ives

Martin - Thanks for you input. I am very pleased when people contribute additional content about their family.

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