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December 28, 2007


Janice Brown

You must be experiencing a wonderful sensation of satisfaction at all the work you've posted here. My congratulations!


bill Ives

Janice - Thanks for your kind words. I look forward to reading more in Cow Hampshire. Bill

Cullen Dinkel

How would you like to see your ancestor's stories and journals turned into a novel? I am a novelist that takes journals, stories, and personal accounts of family members and turns them into novels that can be shared and given at family reunions, firesides, or just kept as special reminders of those that are close to you. To learn more contact me at

Joe Garcia

What a wonderful compile of info. Thank you so much for sharing. My 9th Great-Grandfather, William IVES, would be proud im sure.


bill Ives

Thanks Joe. I remember making use of some of your material on the web as I put the information together. Bill

Andrew K. Miller family

Thank you for filling in some family history for us. We are your cousins:
I am Andrew K Miller (1955)of Glastonbury, Connecticut great(7)grandson of Robert Dunbar(1630-1693) through his son Joshua Dunbar(1670-1736), and his son Robert Dunbar(1705(6)-1757), and his son, Jacob Dunbar(1741-1840) and his daughter Mary Dunbar Gardner (1765-?), and her son Robert Dunbar Gardner(1806-1858), and his son Gerald Aubrey Gardner(1855-1913), and his daughter Mabel Gardner Miller (1883-1961) and her son Robert Sterling Miller (1916-2006), my father.
My daughter Avalee Miller (1991) and son Evan Sterling Miller (1988) are looking forward to finding out more about their Scotland connections through Robert Dunbar.

bill Ives


Thanks for filling in more on the Dunbars. This is a main reason I wrote the blog. As you may know, when Henry Thoreau went to Maine, and later wrote a book on the trips, he went to visit his Dunbar cousins.


Eric Ives

In reponse to:

What a wonderful compile of info. Thank you so much for sharing. My 9th Great-Grandfather, William IVES, would be proud im sure.


I think william Ives in my family tree is my 9th great grandfather as well. Where does your history begin?

brandie ives

okay so my name is brandy l ives my father is edward james ives the second son to edward james ives senior,we are from phila pa and i was woundering if maybe we are family i dont know much about our family so maybe u can help meim 30 yrs old and was told that my granfather was know as the kennsigton 2nd story bandit and im not sure if this story is true?maybe u can help me if not thats fine to,thank you for ur time and have a very blessed day.

bill  Ives

Brandy - Thanks for your comment. All that I know is on the blog . Please explore it.

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