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September 16, 2007


Ken Ives


One comment concerning Brayton Ives:

Referring to him as "General" is actually a bit of a stretch. Late in the Civil War, he commanded a Connecticut cavalry regiment and held the rank of colonel. At that time, the army had no system of medals and decorations, as we have today. Officers were recognized for outstanding bravery or other achievements by awarding brevets (honorary ranks). At the end of the war, the Union army handed out wholesale brevets to a LOT of officers. Colonel Brayton Ives was breveted brigadier general. The brevet gave him the right to use the honorific "general", which he did routinely throughout his life. In fact, however, he never actually wore a general's uniform and never served above the rank of colonel.

bill  Ives

Ken Thanks so much for your update. Getting additional information like this and making it public is one of the reasons I have this blog. Bill

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