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August 18, 2007



Dear Bill Ives,

You have a very informative and well-organized website.

I had a question regarding some Hilton family members that you referred to in your Ives Family Blog.

You mentioned Rebecca Hilton (1602-1673) and her spouse Governor Thomas Roberts (1600-1674), who were the in-laws of Richard Rich (abt 1635-1690). You wrote that Rebecca Hilton was the sister of Thomas's 2 co-founders of Dover: Edward and William Hilton.

Do you know whether Rebecca Hilton and her brothers Edward and William were also the children of Mark Hilton (1560-1605) who's parents were William Hilton (1516-1562) and Margaret Metcalfe?

Any information would be appreciated.


bill Ives


Thanks for your interest. All the information I have is listed on the blog. You might look at my resources for some ideas. There is also a Rich Family Association that might know more. Good luck. Bill

Elizabeth Beyus

After much research by many members of the Rich Family Association, there appears to be NO factual evidence to back up the assumption that Richard Rich, husband of Sarah Roberts, was the son of Richard Rich and Sarah York. There are NO documents to even prove Sarah York's existence. Also, there is nothing to back up the assumption that Richard belongs to the line from Earl of Warwick. Significant research by many of our members has not been able to establish that link. Many of us at RFA have come to the realization that Richard Rich of Dover Neck, NH, and Eastham, MA, is where the line starts. We can not take him back any further than that.

Bill Ives

Elizabeth thanks so much for your clarification. As I wrote, the question of Richard's father needs to be confirmed. You have disconfirmed it so this is very useful.

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