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August 12, 2007


Marsha Douty

Hi, just to correct the entry under the children of Samuel Rich [1740-} about his daughter Sally b.1794 who married Benjamin Coffin. I know that article written by Evelyn Rich many years ago stated "no Issue", but that is wrong. Sally and Benjamin Coffin had 8 children: Henry A.[b.1819 Machias],Moses H.,Sarah B.,Elizabeth, Ruth Foster [b. 9 July 1830 East machias, Maine-my Great-Great Grandmother who was named Ruth Foster after Sally's sister Ruth who married Phineas Foster], Mary, Lowell, and James. I'd be gald to share info in this family if anyone else is interested. I'm not sure the best way to correst Evelyn Rich's article? I'm enjoying this blog site. My first time here. Marsha Douty

Bill Ives

Marsha - Thanks for the input and correction. Please feel free to share any other information That is what this blog is for. Bill

Linda Bowen Brissette

Hello Bill, I have spent the last few months transcribing old family letters. Many of these transcribed letters were written by Leonora Rich Elder and her sister Elizabeth Rich Dunbar who were regular correspondents for many years. Elizabeth's daughters' also wrote several of the letters. Included in the transcribed letters are ones from Joseph Rich, brother to Leonora and Elizabeth. From the contents of Joseph's letters, one can see that he was quite an adventurous young man. He traveled to California on multiple occasions to mine for gold. Although your site indicates he died in his early twenties, I do not believe this is accurate as there are letters written by Joseph in the late 1850s from Strawberry Valley CA.
Some of the letters are very poignant. There is one written by Waly, Elizabeth's son who wrote to his aunt Leonora a few months before he died. Then there is a letter from Elizabeth informing of Waly's death and describing the family's grief over his passing. She included a lock of Waly's hair in her letter to her sister. It was a very moving experience reading this letter, as you can well imagine. Thank you for all your work on this blog. I have found it very helpful to my own work in transcribing the letters.

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