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July 20, 2007


Alysse Bassett Irion

Your ancestor blogs are a tremendous help. I have been going back to original sources with help from you. I've scanned all the passengers on early ships and can't find our New Haven William Bassett. Where should I look? Also, I see no mention of Will having been a Doctor. I checked a record of several meetings of Doctor's of that era and he was not listed. You have been an enormous help. Alysse Bassett Irion

bill  Ives


Thanks for your interest. William Bassett was not on the True Love and was not one of the founders on New Haven. He first appears in the New Haven court records on March 7, 1643 when he was fined 6 pence along with several others for having a “foole gun.” He is listed as attending the July 1, 1644 general court. There is more in my two posts on him.

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