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July 31, 2007


Jo Culberson

I visited Saugus Ironworks (in search of one of my immigrant ancestors) and purchased a Nat'l Park Service booklet "The Scots at Hammersmith." Our Robert is included in the biographies: "Dunbar, Robert (b. 1634)--He was one of the Scots sent to the company's local commissioners, being in the service of Joshua Foote at Braintree. He was living at Hingham at the time of his son's birth in 1657."

bill Ives

Jo - Thanks for this update. I have been to the iron works also. It is an interesting site. Bill

wendy macaulay nee dunbar

I too am a Dunbar and belomg to Morayshire Scotland as do my brother Robert and sisters Doreen and Angela.

Bill  Ives

Wendy - Thanks for your comment. Do you have any more information about Robert and his connection to Morayshire? Bill

First Webmaster of

Robert's father is most definitely NOT Ninian. Ninian did have a son named Robert, who was a serving member of Parliament when Robert of Hingham was raising babies in Massachusetts. Can't be in two places at the same time so Robert of Hingham can't possibly be Ninian's son.

bill  Ives

First Webmaster - Thanks for the clarification. As I wrote there was no proof of Ninian and now you have provided some counter proof. Bill


A DNA project for descendants of the Scottish prisoners of the English Civil Wars can be found at
Additional information can also be found at:

Bill Ives

Elizabeth - Thanks for this. I just posted on William Ives DNA -

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