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June 27, 2007


Sheila McCreven

Hi, Bill. Just doing a bit of research this morning and came across a mention of James Bishop's first wife in a book on the Curtis Genealogy. Thought you might be interested, as I have your post here in my notes as a source on Mary. I still don't know anything about her parents, the Levins {or Lewen, as I have also seen it}, but she seems to have been married first to Thomas Curtiss of Stratford who died about 1648:

Pg 28:
"C.G. P. 2 Thomas2 Curtiss. His name, so C.G. says, does not appear on the records of Stratford, Conn. This was true in 1903, but since then the oldest probate record of Stratford has been discovered and it turns out to be the inventory of this Thomas Curtiss taken Sept. 1, 1648. At the bottom of the document under date of Mar. 8, 1652 is written, "Mary Bishop, wife of James Bishop, makes oath that this is a true inventory of Thomas Curtiss, her former husband." She d. Nov. 26, 1664, and James Bishop m. 2nd 1665 Elizabeth Tompkins, who d. Oct. 25, 1703. He d. June 21, 1691. Thomas2 Curtiss had by wife Mary - a daughter Mary3 Curtiss probably born about 1647. She m. Oct. 21, 1669 Samuel Coley, Jr., b. Milford, Conn. Feb. 1646, son of Samuel and Ann (Prudden) Coley."

The book is available online here:

Bill Ives

Shella - Thanks so much for this. This is one of the main reasons I set up the blog to provide a means to share such useful information.

Bill Ives

Shella - It is an interesting and sad comment on colonial times as Mary must have died in child birth with her seventh child born the year she died. Then James marries a woman 20 years younger and they have 4 more kids. She outlives him by 28 years. Perhaps she might have married again? While sad, it also shows the resiliency of the people.

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