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June 01, 2007


Cindy Gengler

I don't think Joseph Day is John Day's father because the dates don't match.
What do you think?

Bill Ives

You are right. I amde a mistake and made the change. Thanks.

Bill Ives

Coindy - The Days get confusing because their were several threads as because of cousin marriages and the fact that there were several Day families in New England at the time.

Dee  Harrell

David Day had 8 Children. They were Justin, David II, Asa bd. 8-25 1760, died 8 23 1853,
Nathaniel, Roderick, Horace, Hezekial and Edward.

Bill Ives

Dee - Thanks so much for this addition to the record. It is one reason I have this blog - to collect new information. Bill

Angie E

Your Day blog is interesting, lots of history! Have you ever heard of these Days connected to your Days? Leonard Day born 1735, Samuel Day born 1757, or Daniel Day born about 1685?
Thank you,

bill  Ives


Thanks for your comment. All I know is on the blog now. Please feel free to add anything you find. Bill

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