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June 29, 2007


David Richardson

I am a descendent of the Bishop's I am particularly interested in Joy Bishop (Sr.) and (Jr.). My records indicate Joy Jr. who fought in the Revolution died in New Have, but their vital records there show no such thing. I am trying to find his burial location and was wondering if you had any clue.

I know James Bishop is buried at Center Church Burying ground. His son Joy and grandson Joy II are a mystery.

bill  Ives


Thanks for your addition. What I know is on the blog so I cannot help beyond this. As you can see I also find him serving in the Revolutionary War. I think this is reliable information. The asteriks indicate that this information is based on primary data from the Hew Haven Town records about his birth and death.

James Bishop

I also am a direct descendent of the Bishop's and am also very interested in Joy Bishop as I also am a member of the National Guard and would love to find out more about his participation in the Minutemen.


bill  Ives


Thanks for this and for your service in the Guard. So we are cousins. All that I know about the Bishops is in the blog but you might check some of the sources I list for CT and Revolutionary War.

Rogers Turner

I am a direct descendant as well (Kitty Bishop is my great great grandmother)..thanks for maintaining this blog

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