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June 25, 2007


Ed Bishop

Looks like the James of this post was a 12-year old boy in the care of Eaton (James' big brothers having remained in Mass.) when he arrived on the boat with your William Ives. Is that correct?
You probably know that this Bishop boy was given a cabin behind Gov. Eaton's house, near the corner of State & Elm, which eventually became Bishop land (near present Timothy Bishop House). It's generally assumed that James got his education from Eaton and, probably, from his other next-door neighbors, Yale.
I presume that you know that this James has a (barely readable) monument in Grove Street cemetery with his most prominent son, Samuel; he was originally in the churchyard on The Green, but at least his headstone was moved to Grove St. along with everyone else buried on The Green.

Thanks again for all your efforts.

Bill Ives

Ed - Thanks so much for this input which is mostly new. Getting further information like this is one of the main reasons I started the blog. Thanks also for your email and copy of the will. Bill

Lloyd R. Bishop

I have never read some of this information that you researched. Do you know of a picture of James? I would like to know what he looked loke.

Thanks -

Lloyd R. Bishop (direct descendant of James)

bill  Ives

Lloyd - Thanks for your interest. I do not know of any picture of James. Please share any additional information you have. Bill

Peggy Thomas

thank you for your efforts ... I am also a descendant ... through son James and then Elizabeth Bishop who married Stephen Curtis .. and I have more if you are interested .. which line are you from ??


I've did research on my family history and it led me to this point. So I'm a descendant through james bishop, through james bishop of lt gov james bishop.

F Nick Cannon

I know this blog is 11 years old, but I did have a question in regards to James Bishop's daughter, Elizabeth. I was investigating the genealogy of John Booney and found the following from North American families:

05. John, of Pembroke, b. Feb 25. 1664, D. Nov 16, 1745, age 81.
M. Elizabeth Bishop dau. of James Bishop of New Haven, who was the secretary of the colony 1651; representative 1665, in the full session after the union with Conn. Assistant 1668, and Deputy Governor 1683, and till his death June 22, 1691. Elizabeth was born July 3, 1757, and baptized April 12, 1713. Gov. Bishop owned land at Indian Head River in 1679. He m. Dec 21, 1665, to Mary (Hudson ? )
The children of John & Elizabeth were,
John 321;
Mary, 322;
Elizabeth, 323;
Joseph, 324;
Ichabod, 325;
one who died;
Ruth, 327;
one who died;
Debora, 329;
Anna, 330;
Perez, 331;
and one who died.

So anyway, I'm confused between Elizabeth who married an Eleazer Giles vs an Elizabeth who married John Booney.

William Brumley Jr

He is my 10th great grandfather. My name is William brumley.

William Brumley Jr

Would be nice if we can find a photo.

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