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June 12, 2007




1626 - 1663

DEATH: 16 JAN 1662/3, New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut

Father: William HUMBERSTON

Mother: Julyan BOTELER

Family 1 : Joan WALKER

MARRIAGE: 28 AUG 1651, New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut.

1. Samuel HUMISTON

2. Nathaniel HUMISTON

3. Thomas HUMISTON


5. Abigail HUMISTON


bill  Ives

Joyce Thanks for this. What is the source for your information? Bill


Bill, I have searched the Humberston, Humberson, Umberson, which I come from, and have come across it a lot since 1996. You might want to check the following

Humiston Family
February 21, 2008 by Editor

From Pearl Ghormley, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow; a Genealogy of the Foreman, Hays, Ghormley, Williams and Brockett Families.[San Antonio] Printed by Naylor Co. [1966]1Henry Humiston (first American of the Humberston family in England)
2John Humiston, fifth son of Henry Humiston, m. Sarah Tuttle
3John Humiston
4Lydia Humiston b. 1 Apr. 1689 m. 8 Jan 1706 Moses Brockett

Wereley - Savey Family

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Husband: Henry Humiston (H523)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Born: 1626 at: Walkern, Hertford, England
Married: 28 AUG 1651 at: New Haven, New Haven CT
Died: 16 JAN 1662/63 at: New Haven, New Haven CT
Father:William Humberston
Mother:Julyan Boteler
Other Spouses:
PEDIGREE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wife: Joanne Walker (W426)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Born: ABT 1630 at: New Haven, New Haven CT
Died: at:
Father:John Walker
Other Spouses:
PEDIGREE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHILDREN
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Samuel Humiston
Born: 7 AUG 1653 at: New Haven, New Haven CT
Married: at:
Died: 26 JAN 1689/90 at: New Haven, New Haven, CT
Spouses: Hannah Johnson
PEDIGREE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Nathaniel Humiston
Born: 13 JAN 1653/54 at: New Haven, New Haven CT
Married: at:
Died: 1687 at: Stratford CT
Spouses: Desire Taylor
PEDIGREE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Thomas Humiston
Born: 19 OCT 1656 at: New Haven, New Haven CT
Married: 31 MAY 1694 at: New Haven, New Haven CT
Died: 1715 at:
Spouses: Elizabeth Sanford
PEDIGREE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: John Humiston
Born: 1659 at: New Haven, New Haven, CT
Married: 1684 at:
Died: 1696 at:
Spouses: Sara Tuttle
PEDIGREE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Abigail Humiston
Born: 17 MAY 1661 at: New Haven, New Haven CT
Married: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: John Tuttle
PEDIGREE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: James Humiston
Born: 1663 at: New Haven, New Haven CT
Married: at:
Died: at:

I have been looking for @13yrs on all the Humistons, Hummaston, humison, Humbertson, Humberston, Umberson, Humberson, Humphries, Humphress, Humphrey, etc.

Here is how you got your Henry Humiston. I have, somewhere, that William Humberston & wife got off a ship but I can't remember the name of the ship and the ship hands had spelled their son, Henry, name incorrectly as Humiston. Check it out and I think you will find out definitely.

I printed it out, but have 3 boxes of sheets of geneology but haven't found it as yet.

William Humberston
• Born: Abt 1580, England
• Married Abt 1615 to Julyan Boteler

Children with:
Julyan Boteler

Henry Humiston

I got a lot of info off the web pages of the old computers, which they don't have them on now or you have to pay. They sure have changed ways things work.


Henry Humiston came ashore in 1636 on the Angel Gabriel but I have to check this out. William was shown as Humberston and son, Henry was shown to be a Humiston. Someone couldn't spell or hear right.

bill  Ives

Joyce - Thanks for your input. Please feel free to add more. Bill

William Joesph (Stielow) Jamison

Wow, thanks for the validations here. The last couple of weeks have really opened my eyes. Based upon figuring out that my father, Daniel Leroy Jamison, born 1927, and died in the late 80's in Vancouver, WA and adopted within a month after birth by William Brook and Lily Gail Jamison Vancouver, WA) from Nathaniel Redfield and Lillian Louise (Humiston) Herrick, who came out from Nebraska to adopt out my illegitimate father, real parents were Lillian (of course) and Kenneth Edward Stielow, who died in Hoguiam, WA in 1961. From that I traced Lillian's patriarchal lineage as: Clyde Leviticus Humiston (1873-1930, John Humiston (1839-1907), Jared Laurens Humiston (1810-1896), Caleb Humiston (1781-1857), Ephraim Humiston (1730-1806}, John Humiston (1685-1786), John Humiston (1660-1695), Henry Humiston (1620-1663}, William Humberston (1581-1654), Edward Humbertson(1536-1583) and John Humberston (1501-1568). Dad's -> Kenneth Edward Stielow (1902, Arnprior, Ont, Can - 1961, Hoquiam, Wa), August Johann Stielow (1852, Szczecinek, Poland (Drummerfitz, Pomerania} - 1940, Hoquiam) and last Edward Stielow (1824, Pom - Arnprior). Grandma, Lillian died in Vancouver in 1985 and I was born there in 1950. I never got to meet her even though she was just around the corner. Guess that's what we get when pops can't keep it in there...
Anybody care to sort this out and possibly reinforce I would surely appreciate it. Working on my wife's side now, it gets even more far out, but that's another story...
Bill :)

Bill Ives

Bill - Thanks for your input.

Frances Hylton Gentry

my copy of the Ghormley family history has disappeared -- was by Pearl Ghormley and something like the first 1,000 years of the Ghormley family

Would like to get another excerpt that believe came from the book Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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