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June 16, 2007



I used to live across Carlton street from this house . Do you know when 1958 Northampton Steet was built and who the original residents were? It would be prior to 1922.

Bill Ives

Thanks for your interest in the house. I do not know about other houses in the area. I have some of the furniture from 1966 Northampton Street but have only been there once when I took this picture.


The house I am referring to at 1958 Northampton Street - I believe was also built in 1900 and probably had a connection to the Baptist Church. It was very close in design to 1966 Northampton Street and might have had the same architect. I thought it might be another member of your family living next door to Ellen Ives.

Bill Ives

Thanks for more clarification I do not know of another Ives family member living next door. I am also positive that this was not the case. Sorry but I do not know anything more. Good luck finding stuff. Have you gone to the town records? Bill


I've been on the Holyoke City Hall web-site property viewer screen. Most of Carlton Street was built in the late 1800's. I believe I will need to go to the library archives to find any further information. The 1958 Northampton Street home was demolished in the year 1978 or 1979 when a funeral company bought a neighboring home and wanted additional parking space. It is no longer a valid address on Holyoke's web site. From what I understand, in 1922 the home was purchased and converted into a boarding home by a person named Nellie Burns. I would need to trace the deed transfer in 1922 if the records are still abailable. I lived at 1958 Northampton Street from 1954 until 1977 and played with the children who rented the third floor in the house at 1966 Northampton Street.

Bill Ives

Thanks for all this additional context. This was one reason I put this material out on the web. Much appreciated. Bill

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