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June 18, 2007


Ed Bishop

Greetings Bill,

Just letting you know that you have one more avid reader from the Bishop branch of your family tree. James Bishop, 1st Leiut. Gov. of CT, is my progenitor via his first wife Mary Lewin. I particularly enjoy your narratives shedding light on the interrelationships between the various early families of New England, especially in New Haven, and all of your links to such info.

You probably have noticed that, as far as anyone knows, James Bishop's mother is unknown, and definitive information is sorely lacking on ANY of the Byshopps before his father Thomas. So anything you come across about those early generations will be appreciated by his progeny. One thing I've wondered about, but have been unable to verify, are the sparse hints that Ricto Byshopp (sp?), financier to King James 1st, was Thomas' (ggrand?)father. If true, this might indicate that he came with the royal entourage from Scotland. Who knows?
And then there are the hints that Edward Bishop, husband of Bridgette Bishop (the first to hang in the Salem witch trials), was the son of one of James Bishop's brothers, but I been unable to verify Edward's line, so consider it a rumor. Just a curiosity, but would be fun to know.

Thanks for all your efforts.
gggggggggggggGrandson of James,
Ed Bishop

Bill Ives


Thanks for your extensive comments. I really appreciate it when people take the time to share information so others can see it. I met some interesting people online through the forums when I first did the research several years ago. How I am trying the blog as a way to share on a more comprehensive and connected way. Comments and additions from people like yourself really help. I am pleased to be related to the Bishops as they played a big role in early New Haven. I will keep your suggestions for further work in mind. Bill

Bill Ives

Ed - I should have added that there will be more on the Bishop family now through the end of the month. Bill

Jean Thompson

Loved running across your extensive information about the Bishops. James Bishop and Mary Lewin Curtis are my 8th great grandparents. Do you have any idea who Mary parents were? I've completely hit a block wall there.

Thank you for all you do. I'm at [email protected].

Patricia Sheldon

James Bishop and Mary Lewin were my 9th great-grandparents. Does anyone know if Mary Lewin and Patience Lewin who married Henry Bishop were related?

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