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May 11, 2007


Molly Day

I have just discovered your blog as I searched for information on Judson Dunbar Ives. J.D. Ives was a professor of biology, I believe, at Carson-Newman College in Tennessee. When I was a little girl he lived in a room at a house next door to my family's home, and the house where J. D. Ives roomed was the home of children who were best friends of my brother, sister, and me. My brother and one of the sons of our neighbor (and probably many other boys) were introduced to spelunking in the caves around our area and to camping by Professor Ives who was the Scout Master of the local Scout troop for many years.

Bill Ives

Molly Thanks for this. Uncle Dunbar was my great uncle. I never actually met him but have seen many pictures. He would help my grandfather, Albert, teach botany in the North Carolina mountains near Highlands in the summer time. My father and aunts often went along. The students and teachers would camp out.

Mark Brown


I work at Carson-Newman University and would be very interested in photos of your uncle, Prof. J.D. Ives ("Uncle Dunbar"). Might you have any that you referenced and, if so, might you be willing to share a copy?

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