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April 22, 2007


Sue Costa

I just found your blog, and I appreciate your research. I have a question about William Peck. Every history that I read about him says that he was a founder of New Haven and that he signed the original New Haven agreement. However, when I look at lists of the original founders or signers, his name does not appear. Are there any Peck family experts out there who know why this is? He also doesn't appear on the surviving Hector passenger list - is there any other proof of his being on that ship? I am descended from William (Joseph, Joseph, Jasper, Jasper J, Matthew, Matthew J, Mary A). Thanks for any help with these apparent contradictions.

Bill Ives

Sue - You are right in that he is not on the list of founders in my link in the post. I will have to look for my source here. However, The Early List of Estates published by the New Haven Church in 1640 lists William Peck with four people in his household with an estate valued at 12 pds. So there is documentation that he was there by 1640, only two years after the founding. I am in the UK now but am saving your email will will look more when I return in April. Bill


my grandmother just passed away 2 weeks ago and her maiden name was Peck. We are desendants of William and Sarahs 3rd son Joseph, and his son Samuel. Its pretty neat to see a little history. My grandmother lived to be 90 years old, seems that runs in the family A LOT :-) thanks for this link

Dana Wheeler

I am curious as to why you don't list Alice as one of William and Elizabeth's children. She was born England about 1625 and immigrated with her family to Connecticut. She married Baltazar DeWolfe in Guilford about 1645. They were my 9th great-grandparents. All of this information is available in the book "Descendants of Baltazar DeWolf". I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks :)

bill  Ives

Dana Thanks for your input. The sources I used did not list her but if you have a record then it must have been an oversight. One of my primary sources was the New Haven birth records but she would not be there since she was born in England. I will have to add your material to the post. Bill

bill  Ives

Dana - Here is support for Alice presence as I noted above, The Early List of Estates published by the New Haven Church in 1640 lists William Peck with four people in his household. I listed only one child, Jeremiah. So Alice could be the fourth person. Wh,at do you know about her life- marriage children, etc. I can list this. Bill

bill  Ives

There is an issue with either the dates on the children of Joseph or his wedding dates. I will have to look into this.

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