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April 23, 2007


John Blantin

What is the source for making Henry Peck of New Haven the son of William of Knosston? I have seen much speculation about the English origins of this Henry , but I thought they had never been discovered.

bill Ives

John - Thanks for your question and you raise a good issue. I looked at my notes and did not find the answer. I will try to check further on this. In the meanwhile, if you want share some of the controversy I would be interested. I would feel bad passing on a "myth." Bill

John Blantin


Jacobus states that Joseph and Henry were probably brothers,and William a close relative. On the Peck family forum (message 1877) a Peck researcher is 99% sure William is the son of William of Knoston (Knossington?). There are no sources given. If The New Haven Pecks can be linked to the Knoston line , it will give them quite an extensive genealogical history.

I would also like to congratulate you on your site.Much useful information.

bill Ives

Thanks for the details on the Peck line and your comments on my site. If no sources are given on the Peck connection then it might be another self-prepetuating "fact" or "myth" I encoutnered that in my search for the name of William Ives's wife. It is listed as Hannah Dickerman on about 90% of online family trees but I found no real proof when I looked closely at the issue. A record of my search is on this blog under the "controversy over Willima Ives' wife" I probably got much of my Peck information from Jacobus as I owe the three volume set and have used it extensively. I did much of this work about three years ago. I did not research the Peck's quite as extensively as the Ives but I did try to reply on credible sources. I should have referenced Jacobus on William Peck.

Dorothy Sonntag

Please add sources! Without them, none of your information is valid.

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