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April 20, 2007


April Atwater

Hi I am April Atwater Daughter of Robert Atwater and Granddaughter Of David Henry Atwater of Antigonish,Nova Scotia- Son of Henry Morris Atwater. Our family line goes back to New Haven and even farther back to Kent, England. It is always fun to find out about distant relatives and information they have about my ancestors.

bill Ives

April - Thanks for your comment. Is there any addtional information that you have on the Atwaters or corrections to what I have written. This would be greatly appreciated. Bill

Larry Wyatt II

This valuable page helped me reach my deepest genealogical trip into the past. The Thomas Atwater mentioned here having died in 1484 is my 16th great grandfather. It certainly is great to see such a deep connection to England in my family.

Bill Ives


I am glad the information was helpful to you.

Shem Atwater

Hi April. My name is Shem, the son of David Atwater, the eldest son of David Henry Atwater. I Guess we're cousins.

I have recently found some information on this line. On this site it quotes a history written in 1887 that says that Robert Atwater married Catherine bright and had a total of 12 sons and 2 daughter. His sons are not named, but his daughters are, as are their husbands. The youngest, Mary, had sixteen children, and all of them are named.

Bill Ives

Shem - Thanks for your helpful input.

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