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April 26, 2007


Linda Alcott Maples

This info is so interesting. I am a descendant of John Cooper via his daughter Mary who was the wife of Abraham Dickerman; and their daughter Mary Dickerman who married Samuel Bassett.
My father's 9 th great-grandmother Margery Alcock (Mrs. Thomas Alcock of Dedham/Boston, MA)) as a widow married John Benham of New Haven Colony and moved from MA to CT about 1660.

I also am the 10th great-granddaughter of Gov. Theophilus Eaton and his 2nd wife Ann Lloyd Yale Eaton who is a descendant of King John of England via John's illegitimate daughter Joan who married
Prince Llewelyn 'Fawr' ap Iorweth of Wales.

I noticed you have several lines that I have: Bassett, Dickerman, Peck, Cooper.

Is your Yale line the Thomas Yale of New Haven, Ann Eaton's son?

These early American colonists were amazing!

Thx for putting together this blog.

Linda Alcott Maples (Alcott/Alcox are variants on Alcock - came about in early 1800's with Amos Bronson Alcott one of first to use Alcott)

Bill Ives

Linda - Thanks for your input. Yes. I am a descendent of Thomas Yale. If you click on the Yale bios link in the right side column, you will see my Yale line.

Linda Alcott Maples

Bill, I finally dug my 'round to it' out of my stack of genealogy papers and started reading. Your blog is great. Love all the info on the Yales (even though I only have indirect connection) and Theophilus and Anne.

You may have this as a subject and my eyes didn't light on it but ... have you researched Anne's push and pull with John Davenport's 'church'? My husband and I have read a bit on this
sressfull time for Anne and most certainly for Gov. Eaton - he had to look at her across the dinner table every night. I have read that Eaton tried not to take Anne's or Davenport's side. And besides
the 1/3 portion of his estate he willed her an extra 50 pounds to show his love and affection.

My husband, Jim, is thinking about working up a program about Anne and John Davenport's religious feud to give to the my Colonial Dames of the XVII Century chapter. He has given a program
centered around the New Haven Colony and the difference between the Puritans of New Haven and the Separatists of Massachusetts.

I apologize for going on about Anne's descent from King John. With the Yale line, you have so many more illustrious ancestors. Just find all this fascinating.

Of course, I have more regular old people on my father's side and my mother's side.

My next pick: The Military Treason Trial of Sarah Hutchins


Linda A. Maples

Bill Ives

Linda Thanks for your comment. I do not have anything to add on the subject but would welcome more from you on the topic.

Pamela Bigelow Johnson

Hi Bill, thanks for writing this up. John is my 13th Great grandfather, through Sarah and Samuel Hemingway.
I'm so glad to find links for many of my New Haven ancestors here and your research as well. I'm working on my direct matrilineal ancestress, Tacy Cooper Hubbard and her descendants. It appears we have a very rare haplotype and researchers are interested in anyone who matches and is interested in genetic genealogy and wants to contribute info. I'm looking for female direct line descendants. They can contact me at my email: [email protected]. Looking forward to your future posts!

Bill Ives

Pamela - Thanks for your comment. We share William Ives but then I am a descent of John's brother Joesph. I would help you out but do not meet the gender requirements. I hope some of the bog readers contact you.

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