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April 12, 2007


Elton Edwards

My ancestor Titus Atwater, ancestor of NC family, believed to have arrived from New Haven County CT about 1768.Question: Do you know of an existing DNA project on the Atwater family?

Bill Ives


All that I currenlty know about the Atwaters is already on the blog and I am not aware of a DNA effort. If you have any new information please add it in this comment section and then others might see. Was Titus a descendent of David Atwater of New Haven? If so we share a common ancestor. Where did they go in NC? My grandmother's family on the Ives side were the Sharps from Harrellesville NC. I hvae another blog on them.

Thanks, Bill


Hi, My family has recently been contacted reguarding a DNA project from an Elden Edwards. We are very intersted in finding out more about this. If you have anymore information please conact us here. Thanks!

bill Ives

Kellie - Thanks for your question. I am not familiar with this effort. Bill


In Ruth Atwater's detail you state she m 1705 and in the lower post, 1706. Could you correct one?

Bill Ives

Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency. There was so much to cross check. I can only guess at this point as I do not have access to all the records I used. I would go with 1706 as it looks like this came from the New Haven Town Records which I looked at at the NGHS library in Boston. The reference in her detail has ranges of other dates in the same paragraph which would not be in an original record. I now live in New Orleans. Those town records will have the definitive answer. They are listed in my sources.

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