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March 28, 2007


Randy Seaver


I think you've done a nice job of sorting all of this out, citing your sources, evaluating the evidence and drawing conclusions.

I agree with your conclusion that you can't assign Hannah to the Dickermans. There is not one piece of evidence that suggests it - only the handwritten note in the manuscript, copied then by other avid researchers, and sent in to the LDS and other databases.

Keep looking - you may find her somewhere in the English parish records, but since she married Ives/Bassett in New England, you will never know if it's the right one.

Have you checked the ship passenger lists for stray Hannah's? That's a real long shot because the name is so common.

What does Robert Charles Anderson say - does he have Ives and Dickerman in his Great Migration study?

Cheers -- Randy

bill Ives

Randy Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I did check passenger lists for Hannah Dickerman and did not find any mention. As for other Hannah's there is also no record of William Ives and William Bassett's wife as having Hannah as a first name. There is a later Hannah Dickerman in New Haven, born in 1659, who would have been the grand niece of the women who marreid William Ives if she was a Dickerman but it is a common name. That may be part of the confusion.

The Great Migration series was out but had not gotten to the "I's" when I did this research in 2003-2004. Thanks for reminding me. I just looked and they now have the I-L out. I will try to look at that issue for a number of reasons. I am sure I looked at Dicerkman, Bassett, Cooper and the others in the A-H of the Great Migration that were out. I did most of the research at the NEGHS where it was published and talked with some of the people who worked on the books but not Anderson himself. Regards, Bill

Alysse Irion

I have found your blogs and papers very helpful. Thank you! I have read a book which had a long chapter on the medical doctors in New Haven from the earliest times. It gave Drs names, medical groups, and even diseases they coped with. No mention of William Bassett. Surely if he was a Dr it would have been there.

My other concern is the trip from London to Boston in 1635 on the Truelove. with his friends, Peter Hobart, John Cooper, William Ives, and Abraham Dickerman.None of them were on the Passenger list. Can you tell me where to find better information as to how they came here.

Thank you again. Alysse Irion

bill  Ives

Alysse - You raise good questions. William Ives was on the passenger list for the True Love in 1635. William Bassett was not on the list and I do not know how he got to New Haven but he was not on the True Love. William Bassett was not one of the original New Haven founders in 1639 and first appears in the New Haven court records on March 7, 1643 when he was fined 6 pence along with several others for having a “foole gun.” He is listed as attending the July 1, 1644 general court.. See my two part series on him under the Bassett bios. I am a descendent of William Ives but also John Cooper, William Bassett, and Abraham Dickerman through marriage into the Ives line. I do not believe that any of these men were on the True Love but they ended up in New Haven. John Cooper came to Boston on June 26, 1637 on the Hector. Abraham Dickerman came with his family as a two-three year old in 1636-1637 to Boston- not on the True Love,.He moved to New Haven after 1658 when he married Mary Cooper. John Cooper was one of the New Haven founders with William Ives.

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