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March 19, 2007



Thank you for the credits. I recommend to everyone that they start their family history blog slowly. Make a plan and then carefully add content, learning as you go. The plan on paper will guide you longer than poking around your computer. ;-)

I'd also like to point out What Do You Put Into Your Family History Blog? ( ) and Move Your Genealogy Blog Into the 21st Century With Site Feeds ( ), fairly new articles from my ongoing blog building series.

Thanks again!

bill Ives

As I commented on your blog, I like your review of possible blog content in the post above I plan to try most, if not all, of your topics. I also have some old family letters that I have transcribed that I may include. I think that starting wiht a plan and an outline is especially good advice for genealogy blog. Any blog needs a plan but since a genealogy blog often tells a story over time, an outline is also useful. Pictures of changes over time is a great idea. I recently did this with my other family history blog on the Sharp Family in North Carolina - here is Harrellesville, NC in 2204 - and the same street in 1905 - However, I did not take the new picture form the same spot as the old one. I have some other new ones that match locations with old ones and I am going to try placing them together. Your advice has both helped better conceive some ideas I had and openned up some new possibilities.



Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been traveling. I'm so thrilled that you got some good advice out of my little blog. It means so much to me to know that I've made a difference. Thank you and keep up the great work!

bill Ives

Lorelle - You are very welcome and also very modest to refer to your "little blog" as it is the most comprehensive advice I have seen on genealogy blogs. Bill

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