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March 29, 2007


Russell Vinton Davis

I am the grandson ten nine times removed of John Vinton,the younger, mentioned in your entry on March 29,2007 concerning Captain Thomas Yale (1619-1683) Part Two. John and Elinor were the eldest of seven children of John and "Elinor" Vinton. I am happy to report that John Jr. lived to the ripe old age of 77. And that Elinor married in 1666 and had 7 children between 1676 and 1688. The third child, Blaise, born in 1654 died in 1716. I have not researched the other four children. I know that John Vinton , the father, came to New Haven in 1655/56 to work at the ironworks on Lake Saltonstall. He and his wife both died on the same day, August 3, 1664 in New Haven. Their deaths were untimely as evidenced by their children being orphaned and John being only 44. Why they died on the same day is unknmown to me at this point. Perhaps you can shed some light on the subject or point me in the right direction. Thank you

bill ives

Russell- Thanks so much for the additional information on John Vinton, I obtained the information on John Vinton and Thomas Yale from the New Haven Town Records 1662-1684 (listed in my sources). I obtained access to this book at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston. Copies are likely at other libraries as well. I would look there for more information on John Vintom. Good luck and let me know if you find anything. Bill

Gregg Bailey

John Vinton "of Lynn" , the first immigrant, was recruited in England as a skilled iron worker by John Wintrop, Jr to manage the "finery" at the Iron Works at Lynn (now Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site). The non religious iron workers were often at odds with the puritans and vinton's wife was fined for cursing.

He apparently followed Wintrop Jr to New Haven and died there as a young man with many small children. The orphan children were sent back to Lynn to the iron works where they probably served some sort of apprentiship at the iron works under the Leonards.

I am intersested in the court records from new haven. Sept 6th 1664,. The full transcript. I am descendant of his son Blaise, who served in King Phillips War and was a survivor of Bloody Brook.

If you have the sept 6 1664 transcript please contact me.

bill  Ives

Gregg - I read the transcripts at the Peabody Library in Salem. They are also at eh NEHGS in Boston. Thanks so much for your additional input. I went to the Iron Works. It is very interesting. Bill

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