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February 27, 2007


Alfred George Welch Jr.

Below is my relationship to William Ives..
William Ives
John Ives
Nathaniel Ives
Abel Ives Sr.
Abel Ives Jr.
Amos Ives
Erastus Pharaoh Ives Sr.
Minerva Ives
Kate Cordelia Ives Cook
Agnes Lucille Camp
Alfred George Welch Jr. (self)

bill Ives

Thanks for this. I think there are mroe descendents of John Ives than my ancestor, his brother Joseph. At least, I have seen more descendents of John active in family history research. You have the compsoer, Charles Ives, on yur side as you likely know. Bill

patti bradfield

What a great source you have compiled. I am going to try again and see if my comments get posted.
I hail from William also..through,
John, 1644, John 1669, John, 1694, John, 1729, Joseph, 1768, Titus, 1810, Emory Richmond, 1839, Harley Earl, 1883, June Marguerite, 1915, patricia marguerite, self.

I would love to talk to others you come across whose lines are close. Wondering if there are kin living in Nebraska from great grandfather Emory Richmond who ended up in North Platt Nebraska where my grandfather Harley was born.

This is an amazing site you have put together, congratulations.

bill Ives

Patti - Thanks for your comments. Please feel free to add more on your line. Bill

Greer Morgan

I am a William, John, John, Lazarus, Christopher, Jacob [ my New York State line began then] descendant-
Always glad to be informed of who I am.

Bill  Ives


Thanks for your contribution. Bill

Valerie Nail-Sain

I stumbled upon this site after googling John Ives who is in my direct lineage. What a wonderful bit of history this site has compiled.
I believe this to be the same family (through stories, remembrances that I have gleened). I just signed up on to try to make our family tree. My mother is Norma Ives, daughter of Clarence Frederick Ives son of Claude Dean Ives and on back...researchable...
I would love to be sent geneology info, pictures, stories from those who may have them. [email protected]

Bill Ives


Thanks for your comment. As you may have read my ancester was John's brother Joseph. Good luck with your efforts. It was fun putting this together. Bill

Geoffrey Ives

My Grandparents did some geneaolgy research long ago (My Grandmother was a librarian) and came up with our first American ancestor as William Ives; Port of Boston in the 1600's. I don't remember the actual year, although I used to think it was 1604 for some reason. After reading some of the posts, 1604 seems closer to the likely year of William's birth (1607).
Interestingly, my Grandfather was William Erwin Ives. Everyone outside of family called him Bill. I believe he was from Walton, NY; but I also know that he resided in Cooperstown or nearby.
My father is John. I almost was John as well, but there was some dispute over the name at the time. My father (John) went with Geoffrey. It was not a family name at the time, my father had studied a bit of Chaucer, and simply liked the unique, older version of the popular name Jeff/Jeffrey.
I remember talk of (and a one time visit with) an "Uncle Abe" in upstate NY. I always assumed Abe was his name or possibly short for Abraham, however, I am not certain that Uncle Abe wasn't short for Abel; I never really knew. He wasn't my Uncle, and I am not even sure if he was my Dad's uncle. I do know that Uncle Abe was considered a close relative of sorts; if not a brother to my Grandfather (noone ever referred to him as that) then maybe his (my Grandfathers) Uncle or possibly even cousin.

bill Ives

Geoff - Thanks for all this information. I was named after William Ives, our first American and my grandmother Willie on my mother's side. As I said, 1607 was the most likely birth date but there are no records. I do know sure that he came to Boston in 1635 as he is on the ship's passenger list. I appreciate your addition, that is one of the main reasons I set up this blog. Bill

Deb H

I enjoyed reading your information on William Ives. My line goes from William to John...I have the rest at home...several Johns in the middle..a Silas Yale Ives and a Titus...then Edgar VAn Buren Ives and my grandmother, Ethel. This line stayed Wallingford, Meriden. Nice work with the New Haven Records! I really want to do more work on my Ives.....we drove around the New Hsven green on one of our many trips down there and thought of all the folks buried there...but we don't know where William is....I have found my Stockings...but not my first one who was George...and I have found all my Ives, but not William.....would love to flesh out mmore details about his life...

Deb H

I enjoyed reading your information on William Ives. My line goes from William to John...I have the rest at home...several Johns in the middle..a Silas Yale Ives and a Titus...then Edgar VAn Buren Ives and my grandmother, Ethel. This line stayed Wallingford, Meriden. Nice work with the New Haven Records! I really want to do more work on my Ives.....we drove around the New Hsven green on one of our many trips down there and thought of all the folks buried there...but we don't know where William is....I have found my Stockings...but not my first one who was George...and I have found all my Ives, but not William.....would love to flesh out mmore details about his life...

Bill  Ives

Deb - Thansk for your comment. I have been wanting to go to New haven for some time. I was able to determine where William Ives lived through Google Maps but not his grave. I would like to go to the site, although it is part of the hospital complex now and the building is long gone. Bill

Lauren Pierce

I am excited to find your blog, I am descended from William, Joseph, Ebenezer,Lazarus, Leverett, Fessenden,Thaddeus Roderick.
Thaddeus daughter Susan Ives was my grandmother married to William Spargo. A cousin long ago started the genealogy, that I began to fill in about 8 years ago. The wife of William Ives began to appear as a question to me the more I found. Sorry to hear we probably will never know who she really was.
Thank you for all the work you have done,it does just get in your blood, doesn't it. You have to keep digging. When ever I have time I pick up to see what else I can find.
Happy New Year,
Lauren Jenkins Pierce

bill  Ives


Thanks for your additions. It is always nice to meet new cousins. Let me know if you learn anything more about William, Joseph or Ebenezer or Williams' wife. Good hunting and Happy New year. Bill

Sue Wemett

Do you find an Amos Ives, b. 1802 in CT, m. Lucy Hubbard in your genealogy? He is my great-great-great grandfather, father of Edwin Burke Ives of Niles, MI. Regards,

bill  Ives


Thanks for or your comment. I looked ad his is not in my direct line. He is probably found in Ives, Arthur Coons, The Genealogy of the Ives Family, Hungerford-Holdbrook Company, Watertown NY, 1932. Bill

Cecily Bishop

Bill, Outstanding information here. I've begun to research my family and am looking for specific information on my grandmother Alice Burnham Ives who married Urban Karl Wilde (b. 9 Jun 1877). I'm the 9th great granddaughter of William Ives so I'm hoping you might have some info. The lineage is as follows:
William Ives
John Ives b. 29 Dec. 1644
Joseph Ives b. 14 Oct 1674
Thomas Ives b. 30 May 1696
Enos Ives b. 14 May, 1727
Enos Ives b. 25 April 1759
Almon Ives b. 18 Aug 1788
Almon Bingham Ives b. 7 Jul 1816
Isaac Newton Ives b. Feb 1848
Alice Burnham Ives b. 27 Jul 1880
Urban K. Wilde, Jr. b 4 Jul 1910
Any information you might have on Alice Ives would be greatly appreciated. The only thing I can find is dob and dod (24 Feb 1940). Don't know where she was born or any of her personal history.

Thanks for all your efforts.

bill  Ives

Cecily. Thanks for this additional input. Our lines diverge with William Ives' sons Joseph (me) and John (you) so I have looked at John's line at any detail. Sorry I cannot help beyond what you see here but please feel free to share anything you find. Bill

Dan Ferwerda

Does anyone have information on Raymond Wesley Ives?

Eric Ives

I have been lookin for family history about my last name name "ives" and all I have know for years is I did have family in CT. I went there was as a child, and don't know which town I was in but remember almost every headstone in the cemetary bearing my last name, and I was told there was a house nearby bearing my last name. I do remember a Ives bar and pub and and Ives street. My family is from NJ and still lives there. I reside now near Philadelphia. This is the second most interesting piece of informaton (this blog) that I have found after much looking, that maybe i am in some way related to someone on here

Bob Hogg

William Ives, a 16-year-old student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is listed in the 1881 UK census as boarding with the William Roskell family in Everton, Liverpool, if it is of interest to your readers. The reference is RG11 3661 folio 129 page 22. The entry may alternatively be traced by searching for William Roskell, born 1839 in Cheshire Woodside.

M. Sheehan

My Ives connection;

William Ives
-------DAUGHTER OUT-----
Mary Louise
Lottie Thornton
Lillian Eyman
Gladys Jackson
Sharon Lewis

Wayne Simmons

I have just located this website and have read postings here with great interest! This Blog is great and can be a very good family information source. I feel like someone here might be able to help shine some light on my Ives ancestry. Betsey (Ives) Simmons b. 1797 and believe the location is Sand Lake, Rensselear, New York. She died 1871 in Ionia, Michigan. There are more details at my webiste using this link
Betsey is my 3rd great grandmother and after many years of searching I (and other genealogists before me) have not found her parents. One hint taken from a Michigan History book reads: "Her father was possibly a German soldier and her mother was (rumored to be) a full-blooded American Indian from New York State.". From a photo I have (on my website) of Betsey at age 69 it does appear that she could have American Indian ancestry. The 1870 US Census indicates that her parents were both born in Vermont.
If anyone reading this post has any idea of where I might search your input will be greatly appreciated!

bill  Ives

Thanks for your comment. I do not know about the New York and Michigan Ives. I hope another reader may help you. I have encountered similar mysteries in my research and some remain unsolved. Bill

Amanda Ives Ruston

Hi my name is Amanda Ives Ruston. The farthest I have been able to get back is to a John Ives supposedly born 1743. He had a wife named Margaret, they had several children in North Carolina, one being a Thomas Pitts Ives (b 1762). Thomas married one of the Bryan family that were originally from Isle of Wight VA. Her name was Penelope. Their son Thomas Bryan Ives (b 1802 North Carolina)came to Texas with his wife Helen Dulaney Barbour. We have been in Texas since. Does anyone know of this line, and if they descend from William or came over after that? Thank you so much, I have little contact with my paternal family so any info is greatly appreciated.

bill  Ives


Thanks for your comment. John Ives was the name of a son of William so there may be a connection. Have looked at the Jacobus and Arthur Coons Ives books listed in my sources? They might be helpful. Bill

JoAnne Finn

My great grandmother was Katie Darling Ives, born 1866, her parents were Eben & Caroline (I think that is her name) I'm trying to find out who Eben's parents were. Eben was born in 1828, but there are quite a few Ebens, so I'm not sure if that was his fathers name. He was a forty-niner and lived in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and finally settled in Nebraska. Any info would be of help.

bill  Ives

JoAnne - Thanks for your comment. I do not have any more information on your question but perhaps a reader might. Please feel free to share what you find. Bill

Greg Miller

I am hosting a Reunion on my mothers side this fall - her family name is Ives. Her father was William Clement Ives - the primary area of their growing up in Canada was St. Catharines (The Niagara Region), Ontario. If you feel there could be a connection, i can email you more family history. Please email me at [email protected]. Thank you.

Sue Hotaling

Thank you for all of this wonderful information. I'm related through Thankful Ives(1745)and Uri Tuttle. I've been visiting cemeteries in NY and next summer going to CT and MA.

bill  Ives

Sue You are welcome. Please share anything information and photos from your visits. Bill

Pam Ives

Hi to all the Ives cousins! My line is William, John, Joseph, Thomas, Isaac, Isaac (emigrated to Prince Edward Island - B. 1747 D.1806), Charles, Thomas, Cornelius, Raymond, Donald, Pamela (me). Interested in making connections with others in this Canadian Ives line.

On another note, Bill, when I saw your photo, I immediately thought of my grandfather, Raymond - it must be the head shape and "Ives nose".

bill  Ives

Pam Great to hear from you. Feel free to post more information. I used to have a farm in Nova Scotia with some other people and went to U of Toronto for grad school. Are you stll in PEI?

Lauren Pierce

For Dan Ferwerda Aug 10 2009

The cematary you visited as a child was in Goshen,Ct and yes there is still a street named Ives, and my Grandmother Susan Ives, daughter of Thaddues Ives grew up on the Ives farm on Ives road in Goshen. See my post from January 2009 for the family line back to William Ives.

Lauren Pierce

JoAnn Ives Nosworthy

Hello from Michigan!
My father Robert Ives is almost 91 and lives in Kalamazoo, MI. We have been able to trace our Ives heritage all the way back to William. Here is our history:
Robert Ives (My father)
Fred G.
George T.
William (Born 1607)

bill  Ives

JoAnn Thanks for your comment and contribution. We are both 11th generation Americans through William Ives. Please feel free free to share any more information. Bill

Carol Luddecke

My husband's connection to William Ives is:
William Ives
Joseph Ives
Samuel Ives
Mary Ives
Hezekiah Todd
Hezekiah Todd
Lucina Todd
Samuel Holmes
Samuel Judd Holmes
Charles Samuel Holmes
Winnifred Holmes
Lawrence Luddecke

bill  Ives


Thanks - we share the first three. Bill

goldie warne

This is a great site and really makes me wish I had more Ives connections!!!
I am just roaming around Ives to try and figure out why my ggggrandmother, Eliza Jane Irwin Warne of Monongahela City, Penna, (daughter of Jane Morton and James Irwin, and granddaughter of James Morton and Isabella Mann Morton of Honeybrook, eastern Penna), who often included family names for her children, named her oldest child and son, Amuzet Ives Warne b: 5 Dec 1805.
Any suggestions WELCOME! Thanks!!
[email protected]


I am a direct descendant of William Ives.
William, Joseph, Lazarus,Ebenezer,Asa, Eben,Eben,Eben Albert, myself Dan.My grandfather was Eben, the 49er who eventually settled in Nebraska. One of his children was Katie Darling Ives. Joanne Finne needs to call me. DAN IVES ph 870-449-2515. or 918-801-6216


TO: JoAnne Finn, I am the person you are searching for. My father's sister was Katie Darling Ives Ward.
Write to me at; 3799 Hwy 235 S, St. Joe, AR 72675. 870-449-2515 OR 918-801-6216

Donna Boone

My great-grandfather is Hobart B. Ives and founded the HB Ives hardware company in New Haven,
Connecticut. I'm curious if maybe he's descended from William Ives. Does anyone have any
information on this?

David Ives

Hobart B Ives is descended from William as follows:

Hobart B Ives
Barton Burton Ives
Benedict Ives
Jotham Ives
Nathaniel Ives
Joseph Ives
John Ives
William Ives

Tim Ives

Hello family members:

I am one of the Ives family who were originally from Wallingford. I now live in Efland, NC, and am at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Following the generations as all of you have done, mine is as follows (according to the family documents that I inherited):

William Ives
John Ives
Nathaniel Ives
Abel Ives
John Ives, the third
William Ives
Wooster Ives
Delano Ives
William B. Ives (my great-grandfather)
Willett W. Ives (my grandfather)
Donald W. Ives (my Dad)
Timothy J. Ives (that's me)
Andrew J. Ives and Alexander C. Ives (our sons)

If you are ever in the neighborhood, please look me up.

Here's my contact information:

5502 Bradshaw Quarry Road
Efland, NC 27243

e-mail: [email protected]

Ken Ives


Don't know if you remember, but we've corresponded in the past. I came across a particularly interesting bit of Ives family history recently, which you and your readers may find interesting. There's an article in the spring edition of the National Archives' "Prologue" magazine that Ives researchers may find interesting. It is titled "All for a Sword: The Military Treason Trial of Sarah Hutchins". There's an on-line version of the article at:

While the article focuses on the treason trial of Sarah Hutchins, a Baltimore woman, near the end of the Civil War, it also discusses briefly the closely-related treason trial a New York stock broker named William Ives. This was William Jay Ives, b. abt 1833, son of Ansel Wilmot Ives. Though he was from New York, his family straddled the line during the war. His brother, Joseph, was a Colonel in the Confederate army, and an aide to Confederate president Jeff Davis. He had another brother, Leonard, also in the Confederate army, who was mortally wounded at Gettysburg (and figures in the article). A third brother, David, served in the Union army. And finally, his brother Malcolm Ives was a war correspondent for the New York Herald, who was at one point charged with spying and imprisoned for several months, then released without a trial.

I also posted this on Ancestry, but your site may reach a somewhat different audience. I think it should be publicized because it is, as far as I know, a completely unknown chapter in our family history. The research backing the article is quite good, done using primary sources, by a professor of history at Christopher Newport College in Virginia, and it fits perfectly with other information my own research has found on William Jay Ives and his siblings.

Thank you ever so much for hosting this site, and especially for bringing Richard Ives' great work on the early Ives family to the rest of us.

Ken Ives


bill  Ives

Ken Thanks for your extensive comment. I am going to put into a separate blog post to elevate its attention. Bill

Dan Ives

I am a descendant of William Ives of New Heaven. My dad's sister was Katie Darling Ives. Her great granddaughter is JoAnne Finn. I am trying to contact Ms Finn. My ph no. is 870-449-2515.

Bob Davidson

My 4th great grandmother was Martha Patsey Ives, born 1751, died 1841, who married William Brockett, Revolutionary War Captain, in 1771 in New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina. They moved to York County, South Carolina, which is where they were during the War....then to Smith/Macon County, Tennessee about 1794....descendants later moved to North Central Texas about 1900. Latest information indicates she was the daughter of John and Margaret Ives, and a sister of Thomas. Because DNA testing has recently determined that Martha's husband, William Brockett, descended from John Brockett, one of the founders of New Haven CT, we believe it is likely that Martha was a descendant of William Ives, who also was a founder of New Haven.

Dan Ives,

Bill how do I learn JoAnne Finn's address? She hasn't responded to my message on here.
My cell is 918-801-6216.

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