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February 27, 2007


Bill Ives


You can click on her name and see what information is available. Bill


It was also good to get the Atwater info, which had been elusive.
Thanks again for all the research work.

Bill Ives

Thanks for your comment. Glad it was helpful.

dan ives

I am searching for descendants of Eben and Caroline Ives of North Bend, NE. their oldest daughter was Katie Darling Ives who was my dad's sister. Her ggd was JoAnne Finn. My nos. are 870-449-2515 and 928-801-6216. I live in Arkansas.

Bill Ives

Dan Thanks for your comment and good luck with your search. Many people seem to read the blog so I hope that someone can help you. Bill

Rodd Jones

Re: Bob Davidson's post. I too have Martha Patsy Ives and Capt. William Ebenezer Brockett in my ancestry. I would like to contact him directly. Can you supply his contact information. Do you know how Martha might connect to William Ives? I have enjoyed reading the information on your blog. Are you related to composer Charles Ives and singer/actor Burl Ives? Finally, I was stationed forty+ years ago in the navy in Puerto Rico, with George Ives, a brilliant individual, an ubernerd, who also was a champion tennis player. I wish I could get in touch with him again. Best regards, Rodd

Bill Ives


I am not sure which Bob Davidson post you refer to. There is not a comment by him on this post. i will be glad to let him know you are interested in contacting him once I located his comment and if his email address is connected to it, as it likely is.


I am a direct descendant of William Ives. My grand parents were Eben & Caroline (Arnold ) IVES. Katie Darling Ives was their daughter and one of my aunts. My dad, Eben Albert was one of their sons. His sisters were, Anna Eliza, Nellie Jane, Carrie Bell and Daisy Mabel. His only brother was Edgar who had no children. These Ives farmed near North Bend, Nebraska. Circa 1870-1930


MY name is Dan Ives, my phone number is 870 -49-2515. I am a descendant of Eben & Elizabeth Hull Ives, my great grandparents. Their son, Eben was my grandfather. My dad was Eben Albert Ives.

Bill Ives

Dan - Thanks for your input.

Hilton T Mason Jr, From eastern North Carolina, now in Florida

I am looking for a William Ives, born in Virginia, abt 1799.
His wife was Elizabeth. Childern: Virginia R born in 1842, Mary F, born in Portsmouth, Va. in 1846, Harriet born 1850 in Va. Mary F is my great grand mother.
Hilton T Mason Jr.

Bill Ives

Hilton - Thanks for your input. I am not familiar with this William Ives but hopefully one of the other readers will help you. Bill

Deborah Glantz Hanna

Thanks for the info. My Ives line is very confusing since my Ives and Halls intermarried.Both lines come in together at the Silas generation I believe...
William 1607
John 1644 and Hannah M.
John 1669 and Mary Gillette
John 1694 and Hannah Royce
John 1729 and Mary Hall
Titus 1782 and Lodema Yale
Silas 1811 and Elvira Hall
Edgar Van Buren 1839 and Florence Griffin
Ethel Florence 1892 and Charles Glantz
Malcolm Ives Glantz

Dan Ives ,

My phone # 870-449-2515. Would like to hear from Joanne FINN, I am Dan Ives, a nephew of Katie Darling Ives, the daughter of Eben Ives.

Shad Howard

My great grandfather was Howard S Ives. His grandfather was William W Ives born in New Haven
(1850-1934). His father was Walter W Ives. His obituary said he was a descendant of William Ives. Does anyone have more information.

Bill Ives

Shad - Thanks for your input. I do not know anything more than what is on the blog but hopefully some one will answer.

Dennis Simpson

William Ives
Martha (Ives) Beach
Hannah (Beach) Sanford
Desire (Sanford) Cooper
Sarah (Cooper) Frost
Sarah (Frost) Perry
Marietta (Perry) Pierson
Ruth Harriet (Pierson) McIntosh
Clarissa Erica (McIntosh) Brower
Lillian Mae (Brower) Triggs
Cleo Ellen (Triggs) Saso
Lillian Nadine (Saso) Simpson
Dennis William Simpson (me)

Bill Ives

Dennis - Thanks for your input.

Thomas Haunton

Good evening. Just stumbled across your blog while doing my first genealogical search since the early 1970s, before it became a bit easier to do this research. I am a descendent of both William Ives (my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather)and John Davenport (my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather, both connected with early New Haven. The connection between the families didn't occur until the birth of my great-great grandmother Adella Ives in 1850.) A portion of my research was started by my great-great uncle Charles Walter Ives (born 1858)from a notebook he assembled in 1938 when he was 80 years old, after many years of research. (Passed on to me by my grandfather.) CW Ives had the date of William Ives birth as 1607. I'm also related to Connecticut governor Roger Wolcott and Declaration of Independence signer Oliver Wolcott.

Guess I'll have to start going through my papers again and see what things have been found in the last forty odd years!

Bill Ives

Thomas. Thanks for your input. Please feel free to share any other discoveries.

Sue Wemett

I stand corrected on my comment, above, of 17 May 2009: "Bill, Do you find an Amos Ives, b. 1802 in CT, m. Lucy Hubbard in your genealogy? He is my great-great-great grandfather, father of Edwin Burke Ives of Niles, MI. Regards, Sue" Posted by: Sue Wemett | May 17, 2009 at 09:11 PM

I now have Abel Ives III 1802 CT - 1893 OH m. Lucy Hubbard as parents of Edwin Burke Ives 1832 OH - 1906 MI (grandfather of Cpt Edwin Burke Ives 1884-1958. Not sure how I got the Amos in there, sorry.

I'm looking for info and proof of the wife of Abel Ives Jr 1763-1821 as Betsey Burke and her year of birth and location as well as parents. Nobody has any consistent information on her. I had, and generally seen, Betsey Burke 1760 Brimfield, MA. Ancestry now has town birth records online which are showing an Elizabeth Burk b.1763 Brimfield, assuming our Betsey was actually born in Brimfield. There are no Betsey Burkes showing.

Similar issue with Abel Jr. There are several Abels baptized in CT, the first baptized 1763 as Abel son of Abel, but then another Abel is baptized in 1766 as Abel son of Abel, and again that year at home, an Abel son of Abel, stating he was in poor health. If these are the correct Abel Ives family, I read this as the first Abel Ives baby died, the next male was born in 1766 and his health was also poor, but lived. OTOH, I have no idea if this is the same Abel Ives family.

I appreciate your ideas.


I am the main part of the family tree now in this generation not a branch to this tree yes I’m only 13 but my grandfather is the main one today so thanks so much for letting me learn about some of my past family I find it amazing how people are searching so much for him.

Mary Morgan

Bill, Thank you for sharing the wonderful ancestry and history of William Ives. I visit it often, as I am descended from William as follows:
John b. 29 Dec 1644
John b. 14 Nov 1669
Lazarus b. 5 Feb 1730
John b. 17 May 1747
John b. 1785
James Riley Ives b. 15 May 1830
George Riley Ives b. 17 Nov 1852
Cora Amelia Ives b. 24 1882
Bethuel L. Grant b. 26 Apr 1920 (a twin)
Myself:Mary (Grant) Morgan b. Dec. 1953

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