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February 23, 2007



I found this while researching my genealogy concerning Hannah Dickerman being the wife of William Ives per your blog discussion above I found this reference on the internet by another genealogist:
"There is a controversy about the surname of William Ive's wife, HANNAH. I believe that she was the daughter of my ancestors, THOMAS & ELLEN (WHITTINGTON) DICKERMAN, who immigrated to Boston/Dorchester. The reason that I believe this is because William Bassett, Hannah's second husband, names Abraham Dickerman and John Cooper, Sr. as his "brothers" in his will. If Hannah was the daughter of Thomas & Ellen Dickerman, ABRAM DICKERMAN would have been her brother and JOHN COOPER, Sr. her brother-in-law, and both would have been William Bassett's brothers-in-law. In those days, the term "brothers" covered brothers-in-law."

Bill Ives


Thanks very much for this very interesting information. I was not aware of William Bassett's reference in his will. I am related to both John Cooper and Abram Dickerman, as well as William Bassett, through marriages even if Hannah Dickerman was not William Ives wife. There were many connections then with some few people to choose as mates. Your finding adds support to the Hannah Dickerman claim. However, I wonder how much men referred to each others as brothers. There also may have been other ways they connected just as these other men are also my ancestors, along with William Ives.

William Ives had Richard Miles and Roger Allen witness his will. I wonder how he referred to them. At the time William Bassett agreed in court to honor the will of William Ives. He married William Ives' widow the day William Ives died so I guess everything was agreed to in advance.

I do not have the answers here but my research does show the lack of documentation for women at the time. Your contribution is very useful.

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