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February 18, 2007


Dawn Dunbar Bender

Your site and blogs are wonderful. You have done such a lot of work. Is there any place where you have all of this information in the form of family group sheets and pedegree charts - a family tree? I would like to be able to down load your information. I am a Dunbar on my father's side and am very interested in seeing the connection between my Dunbars and the Ives.

Thank you so much for all of the information you have provided and all of your hard work. Your attention to sources is commendable.

bill  Ives

Dawn Thanks for your interest. I have not done a Family tree. All the information is here. I could send you the Dunbar chapter is one document, Bill

Denise Rochon

Hi. I would like to contribute 2 new pictures of 1966 Northampton Street to your collection. They were taken a few days ago. Can I e-mauil you 2 jpeg attachments?

bill  Ives

Yes please do. I will send you my email address.

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