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February 27, 2007



Have been doing research for some time on my mother's family's side who were Ives. My source is primarily from Arthur Coons' book which I recently procured a copy. Previously, all work was taken from oral accounts, and research books at the Hamden (CT) Historical Society. My family is from Hamden, New Haven and North Haven. My connection to William Ives is as follows: William > Joseph > Ebenezer > James > Elam > Lucius > Brainard > Ernest > Martha (my grandmother). I attended a family picnic at Elam's house, built in 1790 and which still stands in Mt Carmel, CT, when I was a child. Your blog site has provided further information and insight on some of my ancestors. I will certainly bookmark it and see what other insights might be provided. Regards, Jim

Bill Ives

Jim - Thanks for your comment. We had a copy of Arthur Coon's book in our family since my childhood and it fueled my early interest in family history. My ancesters stayed in the Hamden area until the late 1700s when they moved to the Springfield MA area. I would imagine that the cousins on our parallel lines knew each other well for several generations. Joseph - Samuel - Jonathan - Jeremiah (who moved). Do you have a picture of Elam's house?


Bill: No doubt the Ives' in the Hamden/New Haven/North Haven and surrounding towns knew each other or of each other. The area of Hamden that many settled in is called Mt. Carmel. The area were some had their homes and factories was called Ivesville. I do have a few pictures of Elam's house but they are photocopies that are quite dark. One in particular is of good quality from a Hamden history book and must have been taken in the 1800s or early 1900s before the roads were paved. The chimney from one of the Ives' factory can be seen on the other side of the house. The house and land had been purchased by a local water company and leased the property to my grandmother's sisters and family. Once they had all passed, I'm not sure who lived in the house. But over the past couple of years, many historical homes in CT that were on municipal land, including Elam's home, were going to be torn down or could be given away if the person would pay for the home to be moved to another location. It is my understanding that Elam' house is now owned by the Mt Carmel Historical Society. Also, the same book had a picture of Elam and wife Sarah (Hitchcock) Ives that was a real find. I can email both to you if I had your email address. Regards, Jim

Bill Ives

Jim - Thanks so much for the additional information. This is the type of conversation I have hoped to have with this blog. Please do send me the pictures and I will post them on the blog. My email is I hope to get down to the New Haven area before too long and will look for the house. Bill

Bill Ives

Jim I looked into Ivesville on Google and found several links to Ivesville CT including this summary from Roadside Thoughts, “Our information shows that the community of Ivesville no longer exists. Although Ivesville is gone, we would like to be sure that it continues to be remembered by having a presence on our website. As we gather information about Ivesville, we'll be sure to add our findings here. While we don't have the exact location of the community of Ivesville, we believe that it would have been located within the boundaries of present-day New Haven County.” There was alo ton Ivesville AK which stil exists and some on Ives Corner CT which also is still around between Cheshire and Hamden. That may be the new name for Ivesville. Thansk again for bringing this to my attention.


Bill: It's true that Ivesville no longer exists as it did "back in the day" when all the Ives family lived and worked in that area. I am emailing you a brief history of Ivesville that I acquired at the Hamden Historical Society. The article's author is not stated and, therefore, unknown to me. Ives Corner is actually the corner of Whitney Avenue and Ives Street in Mt Carmel.
Regards, Jim

Robin Ives

Hi Jim, I am interested in purchasing Arthur Coon Ives book The Ives Family. Do you have access as to where I may find it? My Dad Robert is a Wallingford Ct. Ives.

Thanks for any information you can give me.

Robin Ives

Bill  Ives


You might find it through the third party sellers on Amazon. You can also do a Google search on the book and that might turn up online used book sellers who have it. My family had a copy for years which I still have. Bill


The book by Arthur Coon Ives can be purchased @


It would be interesting if you copied the pages of that book and put it on line for all to see and enjoy!

sharon griffin

I am a novice so I may not be asking an intelligent question. Just let me know if this is true.

In my family tree I have a Joseph Ives 1566-1627 Ashford Kent England married in 1586 in Suffolk England an Elizabeth Grannes 1564-? When I research Joseph Ives I am confronted with references to John Doel "the younger" Eppes Ives as his father. I am unable to find a connection as to how Ives and Eppes is connected. Where do I go to confirm this father as Eppes Ives accurate?

Bill Ives

Thanks for your question. Your Joseph Ives is likely not related to the one above as his father, William Ives, did not come from Kent. To answer your question you would try to find the relative parish records in England. Sometimes the Mormons can be a source for these parish records.

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