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February 15, 2007


Christine Ives-Brooks

I really messed that up Joseph Dexter 1885-1964. So sorry

Bill Ives

Chrissy Thanks for sharing your information. It is always great to hear from more cousins. I only looked at the Ives lines covered in the blog and the maternal relations as far back as I could go. Perhaps some of the resources I list might help. Bill

Jessica Wright

Hi Bill,
I am doing a research paper for my Sociology at college, I stumbled across this website because my grandmother is Roberta Ives, daughter of Robert Milo Ives and Ruth Adele Knight. Robert's parents are Louis Ives and Lillian Hall. Is this any realtion to your website? Thanks! -Jessica.

Bill Ives

Chrissy - Thanks for your comment. I just have what is in the blog and comments like yours. Feel free to explore. The name Milo is familiar. Do you know if your line goes back to William Ives of New Haven. There was also a MIlo Ives in the Boston area in the 1630s and I am not sure they are related. Look at the early information here. Bill

Bill Ives

Jessica & Chrissy - I meant the comment above to be addressed to Jessica. As I said, The name Milo is familiar. Do you know if your line goes back to William Ives of New Haven. There was also a MIlo Ives in the Boston area in the 1630s and I am not sure they are related. Look at the early information here. Bill

Roslyn Ritch

Stumbled across your blog and so thrilled to find this info. Hubby descendant of Thomas Ritch. Husband is William Wells Ritch. Can you shed some light on the lineage as find Ye Olde Historie *Mead* Indicates Henry as the first Ritch b. around 1650 and then descends to Thomas however several we sites now show Richard and Robert as possible link. Our Henry was married to infamous Martha Pennoyer and later re-married but finding info is rather scarce. I also found a brief mention of a Henry, son of Richard but nothing further. Family from Greenwhich/Stamford/Westchester area. We are now living in Florida..Please share what you have..

Bill  Ives

Roslyn - I am related to the Rich family. Is this the same as the Ritch family? All that I know about the Rich family is on this blog under that category see right side. There is also the Rich Family Association which will have much more information. Thanks. Bill

Sue Vetter Wemett

Hi Bill, I received a gem in my email yesterday, the obituary of a first cousin several times removed, Edwin Burke Ives, listed with the family as Edwin Burke Ives II as he was named for his grandfather Edwin Burke Ives. EB Ives II is the son of Lowell O. Ives of Niles, MI, a photographer like his father. I have original photos and business logo and hope to post them soon. We trace back to the Amos Ives, several of them, and ultimately back to William Ives.

Here is the obituary I received yesterday for Captain E.B.Ives, of Verona, KS, 1884-1958. Internet search shows a respectable amount of search results. Captain Ives military career spanned an era of 44 years, albeit not continuous, began at 16 years of age in the Spanish-American War in the Navy. Cpt. Ives also served in the Army in World War I and World War II until mandatory retirement at 60 year. He was highly decorated and highly respected. Outside of military years he was an entrepreneur and owned several small business in Kansas.

Lincoln Sentinel-Republican, April 3, 1958

E.B. Ives

Edwin Burke Ives was born at Nevada, Mo., June 1, 1884, and passed away at his store in Vesper, Kan., March 18, 1958.

At the age of 16 he joined the U.S. Navy and in four years of service saw the world. He served during the Spanish American War and was honorably discharged in May 1905 with the rank of quartermaster.

In 1910 he was married to Amelia Mae Swartz of Salina and the young couple made their home in that city, operating a grocery store near Kansas Wesleyan University.

During World War I, Mr. Ives volunteered for duty with the U.S. Army, Aug. 1, 1917, and three months later was commissioned a second lieutenant. He served overseas in all the major engagements of World War I where he was assigned to the 2nd Division, Ninth Infantry. He was discharged with the rank of Captain in October 1919 after being decorated with the Croix De Guerre (with palms), the Distinguished Service Cross and the Victory Medal. He was in Germany for a short time after the Armistice but returned to the States when his wife died at Salina during the flu epidemic.

Following World War I, Mr. Ives returned to traveling sales work, opening the sales territory of New Mexico and Arizona for Folger and Company and later opening southwest Texas for sales and carload distribution for Wilson and Company. He organized and established the fresh Provision Company, now one of southwest Texas’ major provision companies.

In 1929 or 1930, Mr. Ives returned to Kansas, selling store equipment, refrigerator cases and similar lines. He acquired the old Vesper bank building late in the 1930s and worked out of there until World War II.

At the age of 58, Mr. Ives re-enlisted in the Army. He retained his rank of captain and was assigned to the Provost Marshall’s department in California. Later he was transferred to the Transport Command and served aboard ship in the Pacific until he was 60, at which time it is mandatory that line officers be placed on inactive-duty status.

Returning to Vesper, Mr. Ives devoted his time to his store and established a good business, always intensely interested in his community. He was a member of the American Legion Post 165 of Lincoln.

Mr. Ives leaves the following relatives: A son, Howard Ives and family of Beaumont, Texas; a daughter, Mrs. Margaret Bell of Phoenix, Ariz.; a sister, Mrs. R.J. Coleman of Phoenix, and eight grandchildren.

The funeral services for Mr. Ives were conducted by the Rev. William L. Staub, minister of the Vesper Presbyterian church, at the Hall Memorial Chapel Saturday, March 22, at 2 o’clock p.m. Interment was made in Gypsum Hill cemetery at Salina.


bill  Ives


Thanks so much for sharing this very interesting material. It is nice to keep filling out the family history. My branch of the Ives went South rather than to the Midwest so it is great to see what others did. Bill

David Marcos Yale Arias

Busco familiares que hayan viajado a Perú .. (Mine Gold)

Cecily Bishop

Bill, what a wonderful service you have provided for those of us new to genealogy research. I stumbled upon your blog while searching for information on the Ives family. I have a book that was generated for the Ives Family Reunion in Bloomington, IL held June 15, 1924. I'll be interested in comparing its information with yours.

William Ives is my 9th great grandfather. My grandmother was Alice Burnham Ives (b. 27 Jul 1880, daughter of Almon Bingham Ives) who married Urban K. Wilde. Their son, Urban Wilde, Jr. was my father. I have not been able to find anything on Alice other than her dob. Do you have more info in your blog?

I'm also interested to see that there's a Bishop line. I'm married to John Bishop and there are many New England James Bishops in his ancestry.

Thanks for your great research and generosity in sharing it.
Cecily Bishop

bill  Ives

Cecily - Thanks for your comment. Please feel free to add any new information as comments on the related posts. Bill

David Mix

Hello Bill

I am a descendant of Nathaniel Turner through his daughter Rebecca (Rebecka) and Thomas Meekes (changed to Mix after marriage). I have been working for some time shoring up some of the ancestral ties and the events from Lynn, MA and New Haven. The Mix family, too, also married into David Atwater's lineage. Your blog has been a great help. If you have any more tidbits to help with Thomas Mix and Rebecca Turner, it would be appreciated. Respectfully, David Mix (

David Mix

Hello Bill

I am a descendant of Nathaniel Turner through his daughter Rebecca (Rebecka) and Thomas Meekes (changed to Mix after marriage). I have been working for some time shoring up some of the ancestral ties and the events from Lynn, MA and New Haven. The Mix family, too, also married into David Atwater's lineage. Your blog has been a great help. If you have any more tidbits to help with Thomas Mix and Rebecca Turner, it would be appreciated. Respectfully, David Mix (

bill  Ives


Thanks for your comment. Everything I know is in the blog but check my resources. Please feel free to add any additional information you uncover under a post. Good luck. Bill

Cecily Bishop


What information do you have on Alice Burnham Ives (abt 1880-1940), daughter of Isaac Newton Ives and Mary McClurg?

bill  Ives

Ceclily - Thanks for your comment. I do not any information on Alice. Sorry. Bill

Elina Toddy

Hi Bill,

You have done a wonderful job. I think this is one of the best wayes to tribute our ancestors. We should not forget our ancestors who are our origin. You certainly got the blessed from your ancestors.

Best wishes

Harry Kerker

Dear Bill, Does New York Senator Irving McNiel Ives fall into your family tree? My great, great aunt was his mother and his and my family’s history has been difficult to unravel for many years. Harry Kerker

bill  Ives


I an not aware of a relation to this New York Senator. Thanks for your comment. Bill

Francesca Dunbar

Mr. Ives,

My family are decendants of Robert Dunbar of Hingham - we have traced the ancestry from my husband Michael Leo Dunbar, William Leo Dunbar, Leo Augustine Dunbar, William Herbert Dunbar, Lewis B. Dunbar, Shepard Dunbar, Peter Dunbar, Samuel Dunbar, Peter Dunbar to Robert Dunbar of Hingham. The information your blog provided was useful. Although I haven't seen anything posted since 2007. Are you still active?

bill  Ives

Francesa - as a post script -if you click on the title bar of the blog you will see a few posts in 2008 and 2009 based on information i received from readers. Thanks. Bill

Bernadene Calhoun

Good morning: We parallel in the Cooper line (from JohnSr>JohnJr>Joseph>Joel>JosephN Sr>JosephN Jr>William>Sarah Melinda (my grandmother). My info was gathered directly from New Haven County records by Lawrence, KS Coopers during period 1930-1985: it pleasantly agrees considerably with yours. (I have found such "distortions" I was getting discouraged by internet genealogy!)

Charles Ives

I am Charles Ives , and the family tree which I've lost track of said we desended from William Ives ; it said he came on the ship Truelove in 1628 , and made a number of trips back and forth . I think it said that before Westhaven , he settled in Boston.

bill  Ives


Thanks for your comment. William was in the Boston area for three years before he went to New Haven. I was not aware that he went back and forth to England. Bill

Marianne Wiggill Winter

Thank you for the work! I am descended directly from "Day" - Helen Floram daughter of Edward Phillip Osborn Day of Lake Erie.

James L. Ives

Hi Bill. I am James Lott Ives, son of James Bertram Ives and Grrandson of James Blake Ives of Belleville, Ontario.
We are direct descendents of William Ives (1607 -1648), through John, Joseph, Thomas, Andrew, Lent, Elam Burr, Julius Mortimer,Ira,and then my Grandfather James Blake.
We have been in contact with some of our relatives in New England and New York State.
I have a journal written by Ruth E.(Ives) Law, written in 1988 which references the Arthur Coon Book which I have seen in the Library in Watertown, New York. This journal follows the lineage up to my great grandfather Ira (1837 to 1877) and tells that he fell in the Jerry Scripture sawmill in Colborne, Ontario and was cut in half by the saw.
It then follows the lineage fairly closely 6 books or chapters dedicated to Julius Mortime Ives Family, Giles Hamlin Ives Family, Ethelwina Marie Ives Family, Evelina Jane Ives Family, Henry Sidney Ives Family and Elizabeth Mary (Hannah) Ives Family and carries on right up to when the booklet was written.
Your blog was forwarded to us by Eric Ives of Rochester, N Y who is the son of my cousin Julian Mortimer Ives (Gathersburg, Maryland)
Keep up the good work........Jim

bill  Ives


Thanks for this. Please feel free to add more comments from your content. Bill

David Ives

Dear Bill,
I have enjoyed perusing your Ives blog for some time now and decided that it was only "fair" that I tell you how much I appreciate the time, effort and research hours you have put into making this the best Ives information site on the web. Information such as that you have compiled here doesn't appear overnight or just with good intentions; it requires a lot of work. As an Ives researcher I appreciate your labors very much indeed.

bill  Ives

David Thanks for your kind words. I first did this for my daughters and cousins and then decided to share with rest of our broad family. I am glad you find it useful. Please feel to make any additions. Bill

Ernest Hatton

Descended from John Potter. What a wonderful Site!

Morgan Ives

Bill - wonderful collection of info about the Ives family. My name is Morgan B. Ives, and I am the son of the late William B. Ives who I have linked back to the William Ives that came over on the True Love in the early 1600's. I also was able to go back one additional generation to find William's origin in Wilby England and a reference to his father, William. The info I found on him indicated that he was born in Wilby in 1585 and married Amy Orlingby on 8/13/1601. The ancestral trail went cold at that point and I was not able to go back any further. They produced William who was born in Wilby in 1607 and came over later on the True Love. I also looked for any Ives in the local white pages in Wilby and found quite a few that are still there. I have photos of some of the early Ives clan (Joel Stone Ives, Alfred Eaton Ives if that is of interest to anyone. Feel free to contact me at 480-215-6195 if you want to. Thanks for all the great info on your site

bill  Ives

Morgan - Thanks for this. I have never heard any information on William's parents or life in England except that there was a William Ives listed as a member of the same London parish, St. Stephens of Coleman Street, as John Davenport, the first minister in New Haven prior to this trip (Caulder, 1936). What is the source of this information? Are there records that I can refer to? I would be excited to include it in the blog in a new post. I had William being born in Norfolk in 1607 is the right location?

Janet Kimbleton Grace

Dear Bill,

Hello cousin! I am an Ives descendent and also a Mayflower descendent. Mary Philena Ives married Perry Green Tripp in 1851 (my gggrandparents). Perry Tripp was a descendent of Francis Cooke, George Soule, Richard Warren and John Alden. I can send you the genealogy for your blog if you like.

Thank you for all that you do!

Janet Kimbleton Grace

bill  Ives

Janet - Please do send what you have - either as a comment or by email. I will send you the address. Thanks.

Carl Eger

Unfortunately I just happened by your listing in 2011...hope it's not too late for our being able to communicate? I own and live at 1966 Northampton Street, Holyoke, MA ever since 1972. If your still interested contact me at the below e-mail listing.
Look forward to our being able to share

James F, Ives

Hello Bill,
I just found your Ives family blog today and look forward to finding out more about the history of the Ives family. I believe I am a descendant of William Ives but lack proof. Do you have an extended family tree that I could look through to see if it hooks up with mine? Could I be in touch with you via email?
- James Ives, Topeka, Kansas

bill  Ives


I only looked at my line and the maternal sides of it. You are certainly welcome to email me. These books would be the best sources for your question. - Ives, Arthur Coons, The Genealogy of the Ives Family, Hungerford-Holdbrook Company, Watertown NY, 1932. and Jacobus, Donald Lines, Families of Ancient New Haven, vols. 1-9., Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1923. Thanks for your interest.

Andrew Hall

I am Andrew Hall ,and I'm connected to the IVES through my grandmother Mary Eliza ANDREWS, thru her grandparents Allen DICKERMAN and Sarah IVES
My GG Grandfather Andrew HALL (my Namesake) moved to Saratoga Springs, NY in 1839 from Hamden, Connecticut. He was a carpenter and recently I was going thu his Journals which are in my possession and he refers often to many IVES. Here is one Comment i made regarding his Journals:

'A second of my great-great grandfather’s Journals starts Hamden Dec 14th 1835. A entry on Oct 1st 1835 speaks again of a factory. “ the expense of the factory of Hall & Ives paid by Hall” Some entries on May 23rd, 1835 speaks again of his horse.

May 23 Elam Ives took my horse to pasture
June 4th Elam Ives took my oxen to pasture{‘
June 8th I sold my oxen"

I am now trying to tie into The IVEs he was working on the "factory" with and the Elan Ives that took his horse to pasture. Why you say? because I'm retired and have the time and I'm trying to complete more of my genealogy to hand on to my son while I have the time and energy. I'm the 3rd generation of HALL's born in Saratoga Springs, NY and in 1955 moved back to Connecticut to start an engineering career with Pratt & Whitney"

I am grateful to you for your Ives Blog.

Denise Rochon

Hi Bill. I have a few new photos to offer you of the house adjacent to 1966 Northampton Street mentioned on your blog. The house has ornate gingerbread trim. I believe the color was yellow in the 1960's. I will e-mail you attachments when I hear from you.


Two of the Ives ancestors are dead with 268 others in the terrorist bombing in Lockerbie, Scotland.

Barton Lewis

Hi Bill, I just discovered your website and am very impressed. I am a descendant of Martha Ives who married William Brockett, a Revolutionary War solider. William is a descendant of John Brockett, one of the founders of New Haven Colony. Martha is probably the daughter of John and Margaret Ives of Craven County, North Carolina. I don't think anyone has figured out if this John Ives is a descendant of William Ives of New Haven but it would would seem likely. Have you tested your Y-DNA? I have a distant Ives cousin who as of last year was planning to test. I am not sure if he has but it would be an incentive to do so if he knew a William Ives descendant had tested, which I gather from your blog has happened. I don't find an Ives Project at FTDNA, so if you wouldn't mind telling me where the Ives DNA results are posted, I'd appreciate it. Many thanks,

Barton Lewis
Brooklyn, NY

bill  Ives


Thanks for your comment. I am not sure of the answer on DNA but here is a recent post with contact information to people who will be able to answer your question.


Is there any possibility that William Ives wife could have been a native American? The only reason I say this is because I had testing done with and I had a couple common native American SNPs. 3 out of my four grandparents were not from here(1 Irish Grandfather, 2 Italian grandmothers), and then Harold Ives(William-Joseph-Ebenezer-James-Elam-Lucius-Brainard-Ernest-Harold-Judy). I guess it could have also come from one of the other wives in the lineage who may have had partial admixture of native bloodlines. I know all the first and maiden names of the Ives wives except for William and Ernest.

bill  Ives


You an interesting idea but I doubt if this is the case. The issue of his wife is controversial and unresolved however. See my series on this. Look in the categories section in the right column to find it. Thanks.

Deborah Glantz Hanna

I have a photo of gravestone of Titus Ives (my 3x great grandfather) 1782, Meriden to 1834 and wife Lodema Yale on my ancestry tree, along with other Ives in my family line, back to William of New Haven. Titus's son was Silas Yale Ives,1811-1887 a farmer and inventor. His son, Edgar Van Buren Ives,1839-1956 left the farm for Meriden industry (brass) and his daughter, Ethel Florence Ives,1882 my paternal grandmother, broke with tradition and married the son of a new immigrant (Swedish) and later left for New York. I have some stories about William in New HAven...not as finished and nice as this website...but info. This Ives blog is great!



Thanks for your input. Please feel to share any of your stories. If you want I could publish them as a new post or you could simply add them as a comment. If you want them in a post, send me the content in an email. I am also happy to post any pictures that you want to share. Bill

Nancy Elizabeth Miller Myerholtz

I am a descendant of William Ives. Will to John to Gideon to Joel to Joel Jr. to Butler to Albert to Ambrose to Mary Delilah Ives (Great Grandmother) and Walter Bracy (Great Grandfather). Walter and Mary Delilah were first cousins who married. Interesting story. I am looking for information on the Ambrose Ives line.

Bill Ives

Nancy - Thanks for your input. This blog only covers descendants of Joseph Ives, John's brother, but other readers may be able to help you.


hello is this blog still being wotked on ect ...i am from this Line very interested

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