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February 15, 2007


Randy Seaver

Hi Bill,

I really like your blog! I enjoyed the Vermont B&B article - gives me ideas how to satisfy my wife's desire to stay in B&Bs while letting me roam around the countryside. We only go in the summer or fall, however!

Good luck with your effort - randy

Alex Street

Hi Bill -- I was just looking back at Street family history connected with Wallingford, CT when I found your site. I am directely related to the Nicholas Street baptized in 1603 in Taunton, England. I have the Street genealogy my great grandmother, Mary Anderson Street wrote in 1895, but you had some information in your Street bios that I did not know about. Thank you. If I can be of any help to you, please let me know. My Father was Wolcott Davenport Street 1906-1992. I live in Santa Monica, CA and my brother Nicholas is a lawyer in North Carolina, his son Nicholas lives in London, England and my other brother Eric is a lawyer in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Eric's son Greg just had a son named Nicholas...and the beat goes on. The best of luck on your good work, and please do let me know if you get any more information on the Street contingent. Thanks, Alex Street

Bill Ives

Alex - Thanks for your comment. We have a common ancester in Nicholas Street. Here is a link to some pictures I took of Bridgewater England in 2003 where he lived in the ealry 1600s - There are three pictures in separate posts - this link is to the first one.

I have posted all that I know about my Street ancesters. if there is addtional information on any of these people - see Street bios under categories - I would greatly appreciate it. Bill

Karen Stoll

Hi Bill, Great website. I am a descendant of Captain Nathaniel Turner and his daughter, Mary who married Thomas Yale. I've been researching the family for 30 years, visited most of the locations where family has settled and reviewed public records in the various towns and cemetaries. Your website is nicely organized. Mary and Thomas had one other son - Elihu born 4/5/1648 that is not included on your list.

Karen Stoll

Let me correct my last post before someone else does. Elihu was actually the son of his brother David.

Bill Ives

Karen - Thanks for your interest and comments. Your last comment is consistent with what I wrote - - I greatly admire all that Nathaniel Turner did. I used to live very close to his land in Lynn and drove by it frequently. see - - Would you like to share some of your experiences at the visits you made? Bill


Hi Bill - stumbled across your site while researching the Ives family. I am related to 5 of the families you mention from New Haven. My daughter leaves for college soon leaving me with the extra time needed to delve into New Haven history and geneology even more - until then - I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your site and all of YOUR hard work! I was up the other night reading your blog way past my bedtime!

Althea Craig

I am decended from Anthony Day through his son Nathaniel. Several generations later Luther Day had son Lanson or Alanson who had daugher Mary Cordelia Day who married James Sim. My question is this; have you ever found any connection between Robert Day and Anthony? There seems to be several things that are simular to each from looking at trees in Rootsweb. I got a lot of my info from Thomas Wright who has a web site with a lot of information like you do. Just wondering. Althea

Bill Ives

Brenda - I am glad the blog is useful. So many of the New Haven families are interelated. Let me know if you find new information. Thanks, Bill
Althea - what is the site you refer to? I have not found a connection between Anthony and Robert. At first, I though I was related to Anthony but then determined it was Robert and I did not find a connection between them. Let me know if you do. Thanks, Bill

Karen Neapolitan

Hi Bill-

Fabulous blog! I descend from James Bishop and found your blog whilst trying to update my family research for my grandmother's memorial next weekend. I'm blown away at the detail you've put into this. Finding the dates and cities where our anscestors have been is necessary but I've always been much more interested in the stories behind those dates & places. Searching for those stories is how I found your blog and I can't wait to sink my teeth into it! If I can find anything to share, I'll pass it on to you. Thanks, Bill!!

Bill Ives

Karen - Thanks for your interest. Look forward to stories form you. It was great fun to put togehter this information. Bill

David Nelson

Dear Sir:
I am in search of a "Bede Ives" who would have been living in 1810. Were there several by this name in America in the early 19th century?
With appreciation for your assistance regarding this query,
David Nelson

David Nelson

PS: the "Bede Ives" I am looking for, circa 1810, could actually be Obedience Ives or Bedotha Ives perhaps? Thank you again, David Nelson

Bill Ives


Thanks for your question. I searched my records and could not find a Bede Ives Bethoda or Obedience Ives in any of my records fro the time period. I have seen the first name, Obedience, used in other families.


Bill Ives

David - I did a Google search on my blog and did find several Bede Ives as you mentioned. I had done a different search through the original word documents and did not find these. Thanks for pointing this out and I will use this method in the future. In the post on Jonathan Ives there is this about his daughter. The second Bede could be the one you are looking for.

Mary, born about 1744, died April 14, 1809 in North Haven. She married Seth Todd (1738-1802) from New Haven on Sept. 9, 1765 in North Haven. They had ten children: Ira (1766-1807), Mary (1767-1776), Sarah (1769-1835), Mabel (1771-1847), Eleazer (1773-1825), Bede (1775-1776), Mary (1777-1844), Bede (1779-1857), son (1781), Linus (1785-1819).

Using this as a clue you might look at the town records from Hampden CT and other nearby towns. I am not sure where you are located but these are often available in genealogy libraries, esepcially in New England. You might also look at the US census for this time period. You can also look at the various web sites such as those listed on my blog or post a question on the forums. Scroll down the righr side and you will find them. I hope this helps.


James Curley

Hi Bill. Congratulation on the fantastic blog. I enjoy reading and shall come back regularly. Please feel free to pop by my genealogy blog at the above link. With best wishes, James

Bill Ives

James - Thanks for your kind comments. I liked your blog and added it to my list of interesting genealogy blogs. Bill

Lee Willis


I really enjoy reading your blog, however I am "relatively" new to it. I am a descendent of the New Haven Ives as well as a Sharp family. The earliest Sharp in my line that I can find was John Sharp b. 1765 in South Carolina and his wife Altha A. If you can trace them to the North Carolina Sharp family, let me know.

Also, when tracing my Ives line back, I found Amos Ives, b. 12/25/1751 in New Haven was married to Lucy Hall. If you trace Lucy back, she is a direct descendent of William Shakespeare, making me one as well. I didn't know if you were aware of this connection to the Ives - I was shocked! I am certain this is definitely not much ado about nothing.

bill Ives

Lee - Thanks for your comment. There was a John Sharp in Virginia, son of Franics Sharp - here is a link to my post on his father in my Sharp blog - This John was born in 1714 but he could be the father of the John Sharp you mentioned. It is a long shot. There is much more on the North Carolina Sharps in the blog. Bill

Dr. David Nelson

Dear Bill:
I simply wanted to let you and others know that the "friendship" folk art watercolor portrait by Miss Bede Ives, 1810, can be acquired by contacting Antique Associates At West Townsend, Mass. Email inquiries to David Hillier, [email protected] and/or Lynn Morin, [email protected]
This quite significant piece of the Ives family history in America certainly belongs in the hands of an Ives descendant or at least somewhere appreciative in the State of Connecticut.
Best, Dvd. Nlsn.


Good Idea...I have been collecting data for years on William Ives of New HAven and all the rest of my ancestors. I have 2 pages of ideasfor various kinds of books, using this names are Ives, Yale, Merriam, Hall, Ford Stocking , Perkins, Spencer and many, many more, from NEw HAven, Wallingford, Meriden, Wethersfield, HArtford, the Litchfield Hills: all across CT...and MA, RI and NJ , NY too.I have dipped into Anthropology, Hist, Soc. trying to find an label that combines well with family history.

bill Ives

D. H. - Thanks for your comment - please feel free to share any information or suggest corrections or additions to what I wrote. Bill

Cheryl Yount

I came across your site and found that some of the information coincides with the family history that I have. We have a common ancestor. Nathaniel Turner. My linage runs from Nathaniel, Issac Sr, Issac Jr, John Sr, John Jr, Issac, John, Fredrick Sr, Fredrick Jr to my grandmother Marian Alice Turner.

bill Ives


Thanks for your comment. I would pleased to learn of anything more on Nathaniel Turner and his children. Take a look at my post on him. He was a very impressive person. Glad we are related. Bill

Christa Ives

Hi Bill,

I am finding conflicting history regarding Lazarus Ives. I am trying to figure out if my ancestor Lazarus was born in Connecticut or if there are two Lazarus'. I have done most of my research on-line and am trying to figure this out. Here is a link to the Schenectady Digital History Archive . Which has Lazarus, John and Benjamin being born in Wales. If you have any insight, please let me know. Thanks.

bill Ives

Christa - Thanks for your comment. Lazarus is outside my line of ancesters and I do not have any information on him. Have you read the book by Arthur Ives - see my sources. Ives, Arthur Coons, The Genealogy of the Ives Family, Hungerford-Holdbrook Company, Watertown NY, 1932.

Joe Garcia

Great site bill. Been off line with heath issues but am feeling better now. I am a direct Decs. of William IVES. he was my 9th great grandfather. enjoy reading all the info


bill Ives

Joe - Nice to hear from you. As I remember we communicated a bit while I was collecting this information. Bill

John W.

Bill, thanks for your Blog. I'm researching a Jeremiah Ives (1784/5-1827)from Conn. Can anyone help with his parents? They are a complete mystery so far.
One possibility: They were Joel (1749-1825) and Mary (Heaton) Ives whose children are not well known. (1) Joel had an older brother Jeremiah (1738-~1825), maybe my Jeremiah's namesake. (2)Mary died July 13, 1784, maybe in childbirth to my Jeremiah. (3)My Jeremiah was said to be native of East Hartford Conn; Mary died in Hartland or East Hartland Conn., the two easily confused by posterity.
I have other speculations and info too, but want to stay brief for now. Any new info or interest gratefully received! Thanks. john W.

bill Ives

John Have your looked at

Ives, Arthur Coons, The Genealogy of the Ives Family, Hungerford-Holdbrook Company, Watertown NY, 1932.

Jacobus, Donald Lines, Families of Ancient New Haven, vols. 1-9., Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1923.

I looked at my lime and did not see another Jeremiah but there were many other Ives in the area at the time out side my line. William Ives had two sons Joseph (my line) and John who produced many decendents also. Also look at the Ives genealogy sites and the genealogy forums listed in the ride column of the blog.

Ruth Kern

Hello Bill,

I found your very interesting blog today, only to learn my acceptance of the acceptance of 1621 as William's birthdate and of Hannah Dickerman as his
wife, are both in question.

My records are mostly from the Coons book until the birth in Watertown, New York of Amanda White,b. 1802, daughter of Jotham Ives, b. 1777, and Amy Scott Ives. Amanda was my great-great Grandmother.

I would welcome knowing more about the Ives family, particularly descendants from the New York branch.
And I will gladly share my information on descendants of Amanda and her husband, Henry White.

Ruth Kern

bill Ives

Ruth Thanks for your comments. I am not familiar with the the details around the New York branch. I would welcome adding materials on it to this blog. If you want to send me material in a Word format I will post it on the blog. If it is long, I would break it up into manageable posts. I would naturally attribute you as the source and, if you have a web presence link to it. If you have already placed the material on a web site, I will be happy to link to it. Bill

Shirley Hern

John Ives, son William and Hannah Dickerman Ives, and brother of Joseph Ives married Hannah Merriman. The latter couple are said to have been the parents of John Ives, b. 1669, who married Mary Gillett.

I find conflicting information on the Ives family at this site: NORTHERN NEW YORK
Genealogical and family history of northern New York: a record of the achievements of her people
in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation.
New York: Lewis Historical Pub. Co. 1910.
Transcribed by Coralynn Brown with the notation: The history of Wallingford, Conn. gives the following children of "John" and Mary (John married Hannah and the children should be credited to Joseph and Mary)..... [includes John born 1669.]

Do you have any information to prove or disprove this statement?

bill Ives

Christa - Sorry I seemed to have missed your comment. Could you tell me the parents of your Lazarus and any other information. That would help me see if I have any information on him. My ancestor Joseph, son of William had a son Lazarus, born on Feb. 19, 1680, and died on Nov. 5, 1703. He had no children. This may not be your relative since he had no children but Lazarus might likely be used as a family name again outside of my direct line.

bill Ives

Christa - I have been having trouble getting a comment to stick here. Lazarus was a son of Joseph Ives number 6. Lazarus, born on Feb. 19, 1680, and died on Nov. 5, 1703. He had no children. He is not likely your ancestor having no children but he could have established the name as one used by others later. They would not be in my direct line as I did not find any other Lazarus. Good luck, Bill

bill Ives

Shirley - I took me a while to see your comment. I had to change the formatting of comments so it would appear. I do have lots of information that casts doubt on Hannah Dickerman as the name of William Ives wife - see series on this. Joseph and Mary did have a son named John but he died young - see my bio on Joseph. John, son of William also had a son named John - John was baptized in New Haven on December 29, 1644, and died in 1682 in Wallingford, CT. He married Hannah Merriam (1651-1703) on Nov. 12, 1668. They had five children: John (1669-1747), Hannah (1672-1715), Joseph (1674-1755), Nathaniel (1677-1711), Gideon (1680-1767). All were born in Wallingford, CT. I did not follow him further as my line goes through Joseph. Hope this helps. Bill

Betsy Dakin

Found this great site while googling for info about Capt. Nathaniel Turner. Apparently in many places he, from Lynn, is confused with the one from Scituate. They are of different families, unless they are somehow cousins from someplace back in England.

You have a great site and blog, Bill. At some point, though, you should consider categorizing your postings, perhaps by family names; e.g. this would be in the Turner section.

BTW, I have many New Haven ancestors, but have to put most activity on them on the back burner, since I must get the Dakin one completed (what a job!) before that family's reunion in Digby, NS this July.

bill Ives

Betsy - Thanks for your interest. There are categories in the blog, including Turner bios. Look in the right column under my picture. Please feel to post more on Nat Turner in the comments under his posts. There are fur. here is a link to the first one -

Jeff Rich

Here in Dover, NH still trying to verify Rich and Sara York...I look in the library when ever I get a chance and sometimes ponder at Thomas Robert's grave...

Bill  Ives


Thanks for checking in. let me know if you find anything. Bill

Leonard Chapman

Hello Mr. Ives
Thanks for all the great Dunbar histories. I was just contacted by a unknown cousin, his great-grand mother being Arletta M. Dunbar. She being daughter of Deacon Lorenzo Dunbar. I am sure he will enjoy you site!!!
Can I possibly use your information in my data may be posted on Roostweb Worldconnect???
Thanks again
Leonard Chapman

Bill  Ives


I am pleased that this information is useful. You are welcome to post the material anywhere but please include a credit and link to the source.

Thanks, Bill

Kevin Strattan


Wonderful site and blog! I'm a bit new to Blogs and Ives researching so not sure if my post will be appropriate or not? Anyway, I am a direct descendant of Mark Strattan who married Ann Hancock. Ann Hancock is the daughter of Timothy Hancock and Susannah Ives (born 1669). While doing a preliminary search on many trees reference her as a daughter of John Ives and Hannah Merriman, however per your site I just noticed that they had a son John Ives in 1669. So unless Susannah is a twin to John or they happened to pull off having 2 children in 1 year, I think that research must be mistaken? Also the research always says she is born in Burlington County, NJ. I'm not sure if that is plausible or if that is an error, or if her being a daughter of those parents is an error? Anyway, in your research does Susannah who married a Timothy Hancock on 01 May 1690 in Evesham, Burlington, NJ ever come up?

Any help you or anyone else can give me would be greatly appreciated!!

bill Ives


Thanks for your comment and the additional information on the Ives family. All that I know is on the blog. You might look at Arthur Coons Ives book - see my resources list as he would have more information on the John Ives line. There is much mis-information on the web about family lines that gets passed around. See my long series on John Ives mother. I have tried my best to be accurate but cannot be certain all the time. Good luck with your research. Bill


I just found this site. I am related to the coopers on the east end of long island. Not the southampton coopers whose lineage is already well established. My cooper relatives orginated in the late 1700s from a man named allen cooper whom his son sylvester claimed came from ct. For our family this has been a long standing dead end. You show an Allen cooper as a son of Jason cooper and mary Ives. His birth date makes him a possible candidate as our relative. Knowing that during the revolutionary war several boatloads of long islanders headed to ct to places like new haven it seems theoretically possible that some folks from ct might have been lured to long Island upon the end of the war. One of Allens sons attended Yale and later became one of the founders of Edinburough college in pa. Any insight you might have on this would be greatly appreciated.

Bill  Ives

Jeff - Thanks for the additional information of the Coopers. All the information that I have on them is on the blog. It interesting to hear about the migrations. Feel free to add any more. Bill

Mental P Mama


I have just landed here for the first time tonight. I was born Lauren Ives. My father was Albert Russell Ives, Jr. and I believe he may be one of the last Iveses mentioned in Arthur C. Ives' book. We, too, are descendants of William. My father was born in 1925. His father, Albert, Sr. was in the army, and stationed in Ft. Leavenworth at the time, but was from Stamford, CT. In addition, my grandfather was taken prisoner by the Japanese and was the highest ranking artillery officer in the Death March of Bataan. He was a prisoner for 3 years, and I have much of the correspondence. I am particularly interested in our soldier forebears as well as any journals you may know of that I might read. I am going to be spending much time sitting here reading every last word...thank you for organizing this. Lauren Ives Ward

Bill Ives

Mental - Thanks for your comment and information. Here are some early war experiences - Ives Family & Related Families Colonial and Revolutionary War Campaigns: Part Two - and Ives Family & Related Families Colonial Era and Revolutionary War Era Campaigns: Part One -

My father served in WW2 as an intelligent agent and went on commando raids behind enemy lines in the pre-invasion of New Guinea. He would come in on a rubber boat at night through a submarine to gather intelligence before the invasion. This was very intense work. Then after the invasion he would travel the front lines to check on the moral of the troops. Finally they let him hang out in the bars of Sydney to check of the moral of the troops on leave. Bill

Bill Ives

Laura - I see that you are not mental - only your blog is. It looks good. Pleas feel free to provide more details. Thanks again, Bill

Christine Ives-Brooks

I am a a granddaughter of Edwin C. Ives 1919-1988/Joseph Dexter Ives 1885-1893/Edwin Cotton 1860-1953/Joseph Cotton Ives 1815-1880/ Thaddeus Ives 1782-1865 who was married to Hannah Cotton 1782-1865. Do you have any information Regarding my line... I would be very excitied if you did... My Father is Joseph Dexter Ives orn 1952.

Thank you
Chrissy Ives- Brooks

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