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    May 12, 2013


    Paul A. Tamburello, Jr.

    Bill, I'm not clear on how you did this, Did you project a photo image and fill it in with paint or do freehand drawing, Works either way.

    Bill Ives

    I drew free hand while looking at the photos. I also take photo of the work in progress and then compare it to the actual photo to see variations. However, I do not always stick to the exact photo. In fact I used several photos for one of the paintings above with a same man but with different dance partners to get the right stance for the three paintings. Also the woman in the middle has a hat and the primary female dancer did not have a hat so I looked at another dancer with a hat. I have seen other painters who are painting action subjects on the spot take photos to capture a certain moment, even if they are paintings while the action is going on. Then they look back at these photos while painting for a particular position. I have not tried this and always paint back in my studio from the photos. In the past I have painted models and still lives from the actual subject and I will do it again. I have just been focused more on action and places that are best captured at the moment since coming to New Orleans.

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