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    October 18, 2010


    Mick Mather

    Another nice set of thumbnails, Bill ... but, as always for me, the images load at a snails pace and I haven't that much time to wait.

    bill  Ives

    Mick Sorry for the slow loading speed. What browser are you using. I can ask about it to Typepad. Bill

    Mick Mather

    I'm using Firefox but it works fine with every other Typepad site I visit. I suspect that your photographs are of such a high resolution that the weighty number of pixels-per-inch is the cause of the slow loading. I could be wrong about that and there's no need to apologize ... I'll come back to open a few of these when time permits.

    Kent portrait & event photographer

    Looks a beautiful place!

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    Tulsa Photography

    The place is very serene. Nice shots dude! Kudos for sharing them.

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