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    September 23, 2010



    Excellent article. It does seem that almost everyone with a camera is now self-proclaiming to be a photographer. I totally agree that the physical act of pressing a shutter button does not make someone a photographer.

    One point you make that I do not fully agree with, and that is that photography is boring. With the digital age, it's more exciting than ever. Outside or your personal time, what are we wasting snapping 1,000s of pics while we wait for that perfect moment? There are images all around us all of the time, they are just waiting to be captured !

    bill  Ives

    Hank - Thanks for your comment. I agree about the improvement wit digital. I am much more likely to be experimental. I take many more images and some end up as paintings. I also photo the stags my paintings and get instant feedback. Bill

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