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    December 31, 2008


    Mick Mather

    A very nice set, Bill ... it's good to see you back behind the lens. We just had an accumulation of almost another foot since the weekend and it looks a lot like your photographs around here too.

    Bill Ives

    Mick - Nice to hear from you. I remember when I lived in Syracuse that you did not see the ground from december through march, We had 48 inches of snow one weekend. Is this still the case? Bill


    Eek! I'm so glad I live in the South these days. Unfortunately WE had 3" of snow in mid-December, ourselves!
    Lovely shots. My best to you & yours in 2009!

    Bill Ives


    It never snowed once in the 10 years I lived in New Orleans but I read about your recent storm. Bill

    Mick Mather

    It's been one of those years where it started snowing just after Thanksgiving with 3" to 5" averages being the norm almost every day. Then a warm spell or two scattered about including one just after Christmas that melted an accumulated 36" or better before the snow began again on New Years Eve. We're right back to almost 36" of snow again. We haven't (cross my fingers) yet had a major storm where the 48" in a day or two shuts things down for a few days ... even so, our yearly total is above 76" as we speak and judging from the 5" we had this morning we've just topped 80" for the season accumulation.

    bill  Ives

    Mick - Just as I remember it. Bill


    Wow, incredible photos! Thanks for the beauty.
    Aloha from Hawaii.

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