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    September 11, 2008



    I like the painting, even though it reminds me of cold mornings in Canada. *L* If there's a "best in show" prize, I wish you luck. Regardless, I hope it sells (for a pretty sum!)

    bill Ives

    Lana - Nice to hear from you. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for your kind comments. Bill

    Sarah Elkins

    Eerie! I have a comforter like that, on a similarly simple bed. Kind of an inverse dreamscape, peaceful and yet (to me, with that red wall) a bit strange. I like the blues and yellows and folds in the white comforter and sheets, the cloudy pillows, and how the comforter is trailing onto the floor.

    bill Ives


    Thanks for you comments. I tried to capture reflected light in the comforter. I did this based on real life, a drawing, and a photo.


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