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    December 18, 2007



    These pictures remind me off all of the painted buffaloes throughout Buffalo, NY. Love the R2D2 mailbox!

    Mick Mather

    In Syracuse, we have horses. We don't know why. :D

    bill Ives

    Mick - do you really have painted horses like these cows? You should put a picture on your blog or do a transformation of the picture. BIll

    bill Ives

    Lana - are the buffalos like these cows?


    Bill; Yes. It's hard to web search them, but I did find an example here; http://www.herknperk.net/buffalonyamain.htm

    bill Ives

    Lana - This is cool. Thanks. I wonder how many other cities have animals like this. I also saw street art like this in Hendersonville, NC. Bill


    Street art (of all different stripes) should be everywhere. There's not enough art in the "real" world these days...

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