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    October 26, 2007


    Mick Mather

    As always, beautiful photographs, Bill. I particularly like the woman with the umbrella looking back down the street - I'd like to turn that into something as well with your permission.

    Again, there's a wall - in that archway - that looks so much like a painting to me. Just as it was in the photo of the building on the hill, goats walking down the road, from last week. I did manipulate that one by the way. It came out great - in my mind - but it's completely unrecognizable as having come from your terrific photograph. I'll be posting that sometime soon.

    bill Ives

    Mick Please go ahead and make use of the photo. I look forward to seeing what you did with the building on the hill. Bill

    Mick Mather

    Thanks again for permissions, Bill. I only used a small part of the building - the wall that had so much abstract quality and texture. Please feel free to post this at your site or to link back to it. You can see it by following this link:

    I'll work on the woman with the umbrella sometime soon and let you know when that goes up.

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