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    September 16, 2007


    Mick Mather

    I recommend it, Bill! Drawings, studies and the sketchbooks of artists have been a fascination of mine for a long time. I believe most painters, for one example, will tell you that sketches and working drawings are one way to work out problems before taking to the easel. The loose, quick study with a lot less attention to finished detail are also concepts that assist tightness or fussyness there as well. Grab that skecthbook and go! :D

    Bill Ives

    Mick - Thanks for your comment. I have started to painting the scenes in some of my ink drawings. The transition from line to color is also an interesting thought process. At the same time I am alos woring on translating some of my photos to paintigns. Here I find the translation process to also be an active one. The pantings end up as tranlsations and adaptions of the photos and not copies.

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