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    September 28, 2007


    Mick Mather

    As I was saying about the previous set, I love the way dwellings seem to grow out of the cliffs.

    bill Ives

    Mick - The picture sceond fromt he left is the patio of a hotel that goes all the way to the beach shown in the fourth from the left. The breakfast was set in their patio. The fifth and sixth from the start are also from this hotel. A number of the buildings on the site have family members of the owner. I goes severla hundred vertical feet.

    Paul A. Tamburello, Jr.

    Hi Bill,
    I came across your new blog as I was (as is often the way when I get aboard the internet) looking for something else. Great to see that you rekindled your passion for photography. Who says you cant cultivate both your left and right brain.
    I particularly enjoyed the photos from the Amalfi Coast, Positano. Hard to believe it's the same place that some fierce WWII battles were fought. Let me know the next time your work is shown by the Cambridge Art Association. Bravo!
    Paul Tamburello

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